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A Call for the Arts: Iona College Seeks Artist For Arts Center Mural

Iona College Arts Center at 665 North Avenue, New Rochelle
NEW ROCHELLE, NY – As part of Iona College’s commitment to the arts community in New Rochelle and the revitalization of North Avenue, Iona College and its Council on the Arts seeks proposals from artists for an outdoor permanent mural in two or three-dimensional work to be created, designed and installed on the wall of the Iona College Arts Center at 665 North Avenue, New Rochelle, N.Y.
The College is seeking an artist who would like to submit a design for consideration. The winning artist will be responsible for all materials, design, creation and installation of the work. The winning art submission will be chosen by a committee comprised of members of the Council on the Arts and approved by the Municipal Art Commission of New Rochelle.

“This is an exciting opportunity for an artist to share their work with a wide audience,” said JoAnn Mazzella Murphy '98H, Iona College trustee and chair of the Council on the Arts. “The mural will be a public display of art, adding beauty to North Avenue and becoming a lasting part of the landscape of Iona College and of the City of New Rochelle.”
The proposed artwork should celebrate and reinforce themes that are consistent with the mission of Iona College. These themes are: the arts, education and diversity. This call is for original work that can be either representational or abstract and it can be either two or three-dimensional. While there is no real preference to medium or materials, there must be careful consideration made regarding the location and space, the proportion and design of the Iona College Arts Center building (along with the lettering on the building) and how this work will engage the community.  If necessary, the lettering "Visual Arts, Theatre, Music and Dance" can be moved if this contributes to a stronger overall design. Because the work will be permanent, exposed to the elements and must withstand powerful cleaning, the committee will be looking for a proposed work of the highest quality that strikes a balance between design, concept, durability and practicality. The submissions should be submitted digitally, include Call for Art - New Rochelle, NY in the subject line, and must contain jpeg images of the proposed work along with a written description explaining the concept as well as the medium and/or proposed use of materials. A small group of finalists will be chosen and given an opportunity to further explain their proposal.
Deadline for Submission of Proposal: Midnight, January 8, 2018
Budget: $65,000
Contact: Jennifer Morris,
Finalists notified: February 5, 2018
Winning proposal notified: April 1, 2018
Completion date: August 15, 2018
No submissions will be accepted after the deadline and any submissions that are missing either images or the written proposal will not be accepted. Submissions will not be returned, nor will they be used by the College for any purpose.
The wall material is made of a natural stone and the maximum space to work within is 16’ x 15’3“. 

Iona College Arts Center at 665 North Avenue, New Rochelle