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Concert Brings Out Talent and Humor

By Anthony Carlo ‘16, The Ionian, Student Staff Reporter
With Thanksgiving a week away, the students of Iona College got into the giving spirit by hosting “No Shave November: Concert for a Cause,” an event that gave back to cancer patients and their families.

The atmosphere was cheery as students filed into the End Zone of the LaPenta Student Union to support the cause on Nov. 21. Each audience member donated $2 at the entrance for the American Cancer Society.

The concert consisted of many Iona students getting on stage to perform renditions of their favorite songs.

Between performances, students had the opportunity to participate in a raffle where they could win a date with a Resident Assistant.

The RAs were walked up to the stage where their likes, dislikes, and dating traits were described for everyone to hear.
The students had fun with this, as they cheered for each RA dating contestant.

“Something like this is so big,” said Najee Kent-Barnes, an RA at Iona College. “I mean, talk about giving back, it’s really an awesome opportunity to be a part of, and I am glad I’m a part of it.”

Many of the males that participated in the event were seen sporting a rugged beard, looking like they hadn’t shaved in a while.

This was no mistake, as one of the methods used to support cancer patients was not shaving. Many cancer patients wind up losing their hair due to chemotherapy treatments.

The goal in not shaving is to donate whatever money is usually spent on razors and shaving cream to the American Cancer Society.

“I think it’s something courageous and great,” said junior Santiago Minaya. “It’s a great idea to try and give back to society with something as simple as not shaving.”

Santiago believed not shaving was something every guy could easily do.

“If you weren’t aware of no-shave November then I guess you have an excuse [for shaving], but if you were and did shave, I feel like that person is being selfish,” he said.

Fortunately for Iona, many students participated in the no  shave look. Everyone who participated in No Shave November: Concert for a Cause was pleased with the results, raising over $300. The Iona College community felt proud giving back to those less fortunate.