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Staff and Administrative Council Ready to Serve


New Rochelle, NY (August 30, 2013) The Iona College Staff and Administrative Council (SAC) are ready to begin serving their term as representatives of the College for 2013-2014.

The new executive board and standing committee were voted in this past spring.  SAC members are elected to represent the staff and administrators of Iona College. The Council serves as a forum for the expression and exchange of the ideas and concerns of those represented and as a means of communicating advice and recommendations to the College Council and its standing committees. The powers of SAC are derived from and are subject to the authority of the Board of Trustees.

Michele Sampson-Nelson, Director of Off-Campus Housing, reflects on her experience as former SAC Chair; “Being Chair of the Staff and Administrative Council has been one of my most rewarding professional experiences.  I got to learn about the many experiences of employees across campus.  I was privileged to work with wonderful officers and representatives all striving to continuously improve Iona. And I was able to partner with Iona's administration and offices across campus on SAC's behalf to make positive impacts on our employee experience while working to support Iona's Mission and the Strategic Plan.”  

Incoming SAC Chair, Laurie Wenchell, Assistant Dean for Student Academic Services said “I am gratified to have been elected to serve as chair in the coming year, and have been proud to serve as a member and officer of the Staff and Administrative Council for 10 of my 14 years at Iona College.  The engagement of colleagues, with whom I have had the pleasure of working, has grown exponentially over time. This is enriched by the value our administration places on our contributions to the shared governance.  I look forward to another exciting and productive year, in support of the goals of our President and his cabinet, the Strategic Plan initiatives, and in response to the interests and concerns of the staff and administration of the College.  I want to thank everyone who has put their faith in this Council and in me, as Chair, and the things we can accomplish together.”

The following is a list of the current SAC Executive Board and Representatives and their respective committees.

The 2013-2014 Executive Board:

Laurie Wenchell ['14], Chair (x2447)

Andrew Albrecht ['15], Vice Chair (x2107)

Carol Ann Kenny ['15], Secretary (x2122)

Anthony Mastantuoni ['14], Rep. to the College Council (x2028)

SAC Representatives to the 2013-2014

 College Council Standing Committees:

Student Affairs (1)

Michael Labella ['16] (x2336)

Athletics (2)

Br Kevin Devlin ['15] (x2261)

Patricia Idelowitz ['14] (x2207)

Institutional Advancement (2)

Mary Grant ['16] (x2676)

Linda Bryant ['16] (x2569)

Budget (2)

Laurie Wenchell ['14] (x2447)

Patricia Besen ['15] (x2210)

HR & Comp. (6)

Laurie Wenchell ['14] (x2447)

Felicia Colangelo (x2639)

Manuel Alvia ['14] (x4165)

Lewis Derenzis ['15] (637-7708)

Patricia Besen ['15] (x2210)

Kelly-Ann Giannone ['15] (x2007)

Info. Tech. & Computing (2)

Antonio Scaccia ['15] (x2121)

Brian Beyrer ['14] (x2334)

Library (1)

Barbara Carlucci ['14] (x2346)

Diversity (3)

Andrew Albrecht ['15] (x2107)

Dawn Insanalli ['14] (637-2726)

Marie Pace ['16] (x2112)

Alternate Pool: 

Tim Albrecht ['15]

William Gibbons ['15] (x2635)

Matthew Glovaski ['16] (x2627)

Linda Downes ['16] (x2000)

Jennifer Connelly ['16] (x2030)

*The year refers to the end of the Representative's term