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Model UN Promotes Girls' Rights

By Trista Rivera ‘14, Student Reporter, The Ionian

Model UN celebrated United Nations Day on Oct. 24 by spotlighting issues faced by millions of girls in developing countries around the world.

During the event, Model UN spread awareness about a worldwide foundation called Girl Up.

The foundation, run by girls, advocates for the rights of girls in third world and developing countries throughout the world.

Girl Up seeks to end child marriage and human trafficking amongst girls in Liberia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Malawi.

Senior Laura Lubrano, president of Model UN, outlined the goals of the foundation, while junior CJ Funaro and senior Eva Renski shared information on how people can support the foundation’s efforts.

The audience was shown various videos that explain what Girl Up is and the goals of the organization.

While some of the videos spread awareness about the growing concern of child marriages and human trafficking, the others contained inspirational goals of the women in developing countries.

Junior Shristi Gajurel spoke about what this event meant to her.

“I spoke to this director from ‘Our Sister’s Place’ and she said the biggest problem with the United States is that most people don’t know that human trafficking happens and abuse happens,” said Gajurel. “We don’t have to do big things, but if we make five or ten people aware of issues like this and have them do small things, then we can make a difference.”

Funaro brought up small ideas such as donating five dollars to the cause, hosting a 5K walk to fundraise, or taking five minutes to learn about the issue.

Additional ways that students can support the foundation are by signing up to receive Girl Up newsletters and simply labeling a relevant tweet with #Uniteforgirls.
The presenters at the event stressed that students must make it a goal to advocate for the equality and safety of women all around the world.

“Model UN thought it would be fun to bring light to a UN founded organization to celebrate UN day this year,” Lubrano said. “We had the opportunity to educate our peers about an amazing organization that helps so many women and it was great to see so many people there.”