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Chemistry Student Research Team Attends National Meeting in Boston

Photo front row from left: Jacqueline Denver, Alessandra Armetta, Jacqueline Martinez, Michelle Muzzio Middle row from left: Maria Lopez, Gabriella Di Domizio, Professor Sunghee Lee, Melissa Morales, Sue Ellen Evangelista, Peter Milianta Back row from left: Michael McGlone, Jake Villanova, Kalen Sullivan, Samuel Braziel
New Rochelle, NY (August 24, 2015) As a capstone experience for student researchers in the summer 2015, 14 Iona undergraduate research students and their faculty mentor, Sunghee Lee, Ph.D., proudly joined the international chemistry community and presented their research at the 250th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).
Dr. Lee presented the talk at the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, titled "Droplet Interface Bilayer: A Model for Biomembrane Water Permeability Studies".
The students also presented four posters summarizing their research results;
(1) "Influence of Tail-Group Lipid Chain Structure on Water Permeability in Artificial Biological Membrane" (2) "Tuning of Membrane Permeability via Various Ion Interactions" (3) "The Formation of Symmetric and Asymmetric Droplet Interface Bilayers: Water Permeability Studies" and (4) "Effects of Solvent and Method of Preparation on Artificial Biological Membrane".
The student presenters and attendees were Michelle Muzzio ('15, Chemistry),  Peter Milianta ('16, Biochemistry), Melissa Morales ('16, Chemistry), Geoffrey Cawley ('16, Chemistry), Jake Villanova ('16, Chemistry), Jacqueline Martinez ('16, Chemistry), Jacqueline Denver ('17, Biochemistry), Sue Ellen Evangelista ('1,7 Biochemistry), Maria Lopez ('17, Chemistry), Kalen Sullivan ('17, Biochemistry), Michael McGlone ('17, Physics), Alessandra Armetta ('18, Chemistry), Samuel Braziel ('18, Chemistry), and Gabriella Di Domizio ('18, Chemistry).
ACS national meetings provide chemists with an opportunity to meet and share research experiences, learn what’s cutting‐edge in their areas of interest, as well as network with colleagues from across the world.
The ACS National Meeting is an international conference attended by nearly 15,000 chemists world‐wide. This year's meeting was held in Boston, MA on August 15-20. The conference hosted seminars, workshops, and poster presentations, scheduled over a five‐day period, discussing frontier research and teaching in chemical science.
The theme of this year's meeting was "Innovation from Discovery to Application" which featured thousands of presentations on new discoveries in science. The topics included food and nutrition, medicine, health, energy, the environment and other fields where chemistry plays a central role. Many connect with the meeting’s theme, “Innovation from Discovery to Application,” which illustrates how chemistry research leads to a wide variety of products for everyday living. 
The American Chemical Society is the world’s largest scientific society with more than 158,000 members.