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Hagan Kicks Off Career Dinner Series

By Ashley Pina ’15, The Ionian, Staff Writer 

The sixth annual Careers in Sports, Entertainment and News Dinner Series, sponsored by the Hagan School of Business, began with its first event Oct. 16.

The first dinner featured an impressive panel of senior executives from Cartoon Network, MGK Media and AccuWeather.

Students and faculty gathered in the Hegarty room to listen to the lessons, experiences and invaluable career advice from Alice Cahn, Margaret Kim and Marie Svet.

The panelists reflected on the many challenges and opportunities that led them to their current positions.

Vice President of Social Responsibility at Cartoon Network Alice Cahn shared an interesting story of the time she bought the children’s show “Teletubbies” for Cartoon Network.

She explained how her decision to purchase the show was mocked and scrutinized by many competitors and coworkers, but in the end she was proud of her decision because the show became a success.

“Teletubbies was seen as the downfall of children’s television,” said Cahn. “What I’m most proud of is that I went against the grain.”

All three panelists noted on the importance of individuality and authenticity in the sports, news and entertainment business.
Chief Revenue Officer at AccuWeather Marie Svet gave some insight on her unique interview style and offered advice on how to impress during an interview.

Svet does not ask personal questions during an interview, instead she chooses to create real life situations and asks the applicant to explain the manner in which they would resolve the problem.

She also mentioned that if multiple applicants are equally qualified she looks for someone unique.

“When all is equal, what I am looking for is someone who can bring something different,” said Svet. “I look for someone who is loyal and someone with integrity.”

The panelists also shed light on the importance of having a mentor and their experiences as mentors and mentees. President of MGK Media Margaret Kim discussed the qualities that make a good mentor.

“You always want a mentor who’s looking out for you,” said Kim. “You want someone who will give you honest advice and someone you can trust.”

Kim described a situation where she felt undermined by her mentor and how she had to confront her mentor even though she was a superior. In the end, her superior admitted she was wrong and respected Kim for standing up for herself.
Kim also touched on the importance of morals and ethics in the news, sports and entertainment businesses.

“As human beings be the best person you can be,” said Kim. “You have to change the atmosphere you are in, don’t just plug into it.”

Executive Director of the Center for Sports and Entertainment Studies Glenn Horine hopes that after attending the dinner series students will be inspired to take the initiative and be aggressive about asking for jobs and internships.

Horine also urges students to get into the habit of following up with possible employers after interviews. He advises students to send a note or email thanking the employer for their time and consideration.

Horine’s advice resonated with senior Samantha Gervasio.

“From attending the dinner, I gained information directly from employers about what they specifically look for when hiring, as well as different tactics that can help me stand out during an interview,” said Gervasio. “I hope this advice will give me an advantage when I begin interviewing for jobs next spring.”

The next two dinners in the event series will be held on Dec. 11 and Feb. 15, all students, faculty, alumni and administration are welcome to attend.