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Student Success Center Teaches Children about Energy Conservation and Safety

left to right: Hazel Lopez, Diana Galvez,
Itzel Rendon, Fernando Lira, and Emma Garcia.
Students proudly display and their posters in
recognition of Con Edison’s support of the Iona
College Student Success Center.
New Rochelle, NY (November 24, 2014) The Iona College Student Success Center hosted an energy conservation poster contest for elementary school children who are enrolled in the tutoring program. The poster contest was held to educate students on energy conservation in recognition of the generosity of Con Edison’s continued support of the Student Success Center.

Through the creative work of the students, the posters served to promote energy efficiency around campus. 25 students participated in the competition and the tutors voted on their favorite poster.

Three winners were selected and received prizes of soccer balls and gift cards. The students were proud to show off their work to Con Edison representatives Jane Solnick and Patricia Mulqueen of the Westchester Public Affairs office. The posters will be displayed around campus in the coming weeks.
The Student Success Center offers tutoring services for children in grades 1 through 8 from the four New Rochelle area elementary schools and middle schools. The students are from culturally diverse backgrounds whose parents do not have the time, resources, and/or language capacity to assist their children with their school work.

Accordingly, parent workshops are held three times throughout the year to inform and educate parents on expectations for student success.

Parents are given resources and training on topics such as: how to help their child get organized, how to read and analyze their child's report cards to target areas of weakness, and also stress management workshops.

“Students learn critical lifestyle preparation such as electric and gas safety, energy conservation and environmental responsibility, with projects such as making posters for display around campus to increase the awareness for the 4500+ students, faculty and staff,” said Ashley Napoli, coordinator. “This contest is an example of their efforts and we are grateful to Con Edison for their continued support.”
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