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Over $1.6 Million in Grants Awarded

New Rochelle, NY (October 14, 2015) Iona College recently received over $1.6M in grants to support student success. The 2015 grants were from the State Education Department, National Science Foundation, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Collegiate Honors Council. Among them were the following:

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Dr. Chia-Ling Tsai, associate professor of computer science, a multi-year grant in the amount of $165,787 to support an interdisciplinary project entitled, “EAGER: Collaborative Research: Computer-Aided Response-to-Intervention for Reading Comprehension Disabilities,”

“The grant supports our interdisciplinary project focusing on discovering error patterns in ELA outcomes at the lexical level to facilitate mapping to effective instructions for reading comprehension,” said Dr. Tsai. “This is a collaboration between computer science and literacy education. Success in this project can ultimately lead to understanding of how the lexical raw data from a pool of underperformed text-based analytical reading assessments can be transformed into an informative and understandable structure for delivery of effective reading comprehension intervention.”

The NSF also awarded a supplemental award of $20,000 to the chemistry department. This award is to support a research project entitled, "RUI: Microdroplet Interface Chemistry-Fundamental Studies of Self-Assembled Structures at the Liquid/Liquid Interface." The project is under the direction of Dr. Sunghee Lee, professor of Analytical Chemistry and department chair. 
The US Environmental Protection Agency awarded a grant to Dr. Terrence Gavin, chemistry professor, in the amount of $70,000. The project seeks to demonstrate that the human toxicity of chemicals can be predicted theoretically using chemical theory, combined with computational methods.  The grant was awarded to Dr. Gavin based on his successful bid to rank 100 chemicals for reactivity.

The National Collegiate Honors Council awarded Dr. Kim Paffenroth, director of the Honors Program, a $1,000 grant to fund future guest speakers.

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