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Student Media Leaders Get Ready to Move the World

New Rochelle, NY (February 17, 2016) What do Iona College seniors Joe Archino, Kristin Bucchi and Ian Sacks have in common? A talent and passion for working in media. As president of WICR (Iona College Radio), president of ICTV and editor-in-chief of The Ionian, respectively, these aspiring media professionals are not just the leaders of student campus communications but are planning to turn their passion into successful careers.
Ian Sacks ’16
Hometown: Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
The Ionian, Editor-in-Chief
WICR, Sports Director
ICTV, Executive Producer for Sports
Iona Athletics Communications, Student Assistant

Ian Sacks ’16 grew up in Mt. Vernon, N.Y., and is an Iona legacy having both his mother Toby Bryan ’75 and brother Michael Sacks ’08, ’11MA as Iona alumni in his family tree.

Besides being editor of The Ionian, Sacks is also the sports director for WICR, executive producer for ICTV Sports, student reporter for ESPN for the NFL’s NY Jets – reporting for eight season home games – and a student assistant for Iona Athletics Communications.

“The opportunities at Iona have been limitless; this experience has changed my life,” said Sacks. “My time at Iona has been transformational and shaped my future goals to work in media.”

Sacks has had a unique opportunity to work in all three of Iona’s primary student communications portals – student newspaper, radio and television. As a sophomore, Sacks joined both WICR and ICTV under the tutelage of faculty member and advisor Mike Damergis.

“Ian, Joe and Krissy work tirelessly at their craft and have set the standard for which underclassmen should follow,” said Damergis. “They have represented the College in a professional manner at live events around campus and the New York metropolitan area. I'm confident they will succeed at whatever path they choose.”

Internships were another rung on the ladder of experience as Sacks garnered three, working at CelebrityCaf√©.com as a sports writer, an intern at News12 Westchester Sports Department and a public relations intern for the Rockland Boulders. Sacks advice to incoming freshmen: “Get involved, do as much as you possibly can during your time at Iona. The only way to say I’m good at anything is to do it and practice, the more you put in the more you get back.”

Joe Archino ’16
Hometown: Rye, N.Y.
Iona College Radio, President
Sports Vault Radio Show, Host and Producer
NYC Football Club, North Avenue Nation Reporter

Joe Archino, also known as “Jersey Joe,” has been the president of WICR and host and producer of the Sports Vault Radio Show since spring semester 2013. A student reporter for ESPN for the NFL’s NY Giants and North Avenue Nation for the NYC Football Club – New York's new Major League Soccer club – Joe’s dream is to be a TV on-air sports reporter and have a sports talk radio show of his own. “This really has been the best time of my life thus far,” said Archino. “I have made lifelong friends and have had great opportunities to shape my career path.”

The name “Jersey Joe” comes from Archino’s passion for collecting sports jerseys. “When I was younger, I was a huge sports card collector,” said Archino. “The rare sports cards had actual pieces of a player’s jersey or equipment in it. I thought why only have a piece when I can have the whole thing. Collecting sports cards and memorabilia definitely kicked off my passion for collecting jerseys.” Archino estimates his collection to be in the ballpark of 400-450 jerseys and growing. “I collect all jerseys from football, soccer, basketball, baseball and hockey.  My favorites to collect are any LeBron James jerseys, Manchester City, San Diego Chargers and Oregon Ducks football. The collecting will never stop.”

While looking forward to graduating this May, Archino says “I’m not in any rush to leave.” Archino notes that it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to a place that feels like home and also exciting to see what lies ahead as he embarks on his career path. “This really has been the best time of my life thus far,” said Archino. “Iona is a magical place.”

His advice to future Iona students: “You have got to be willing to make sacrifices as well as be committed to achieving your goal – only you can make it happen.”    
Kristin “Krissy” Bucchi ’16
Hometown: Toms River, N.J.
Resident Assistant
ICTV, President
"Inside Iona", Co-host
Nazareth Farm, Mission Trip Leader
Kairos Retreat, Committee Member
The Ionian, Staff Writer (Women's Soccer)
Edmund Rice Society, Orientation Leader
Office of Mission and Ministry, Project Sunshine
Gael Pride, Active Member

A passion for working in broadcasting since high school, Mass Communication major Kristin Bucchi ’16 is the president of ICTV and co-host of “Inside Iona,” currently in its third season. She has served nearly four years with ICTV and says, “I like the experience of having the power to create something no one has ever seen before.”

Bucchi remembers applying to about 30 schools and visiting 16. What gave Iona the edge for her was meeting Mike Damergis and being given the opportunity to demonstrate her editing skills during the visit. “I was able to tour the studio and do an on-hands demonstration of my skills,” Bucchi stated. “The fact that Iona took the time to show a personal interest in me as a potential student made the difference.”

Bucchi has remained steadfast in her desire to pursue communications and declared her major freshman year. “I enjoy all aspects of television production – operating the camera, control room, directing, interviewing and field reporting but my favorite is editing.”

A Renaissance woman, Bucchi credits Iona with discovering her passion for service. She has been an active participant in Edmund Rice Society, mission trips to Nazareth Farm, Kairos Retreat, Boys and Girls Club and will be studying abroad in Poland this spring after reading Eli Wiesel’s Night.

Besides being a member of her high school National Honor Society, Bucchi is an avid athlete and enjoys running sprints in winter/spring track seasons, soccer and volleyball in addition to taking dance for 12 years.

Bucchi credits some of her success to meeting great supporters along the way. "My time at Iona has been a life-changing experience and I will never forget [Mass Communication faculty] Nadine Cosby and Michael Witsch, who have been wonderful mentors to me."

With a goal of hosting her own TV show one day, Bucchi is currently embracing yet another opportunity, interning with NBC Universal's Oxygen Very Real network at 30 Rock in New York City. “I hope to one day produce a live audience show like Ellen DeGeneres or Jimmy Fallon,” says Bucchi.

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