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Student Scholars Prepare to Move the World through Faculty-Mentored Research

New Rochelle, NY (March 11, 2016) Over 100 students will present their research at the Seventh Annual Iona Scholars Day (ISD) on Tuesday, April 12, in the Mulcahy Gymnasium from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event celebrates the scholarship and creative activities performed by Iona students. The day showcases faculty-mentored student work and allows students in all disciplines to recognize and appreciate each other's work through oral presentations, panel sessions, performances, and poster presentations. All are encouraged to attend the event and see how students are preparing to move the world through research. Here is a preview of four student scholars and their projects. 
Peter John Milianta ’16
Double Major: Biochemistry & Psychology
Title of Research Project:
“Investigation of synthetic membrane water permeability through the utilization of asymmetric droplet interface bilayers.”
Description: By establishing a synthetic bilayer through the contact of two aqueous droplets in immiscible oil solvent, water permeability may be measured as a property of the membranes we create. Moreover, by independently dispersing lipid vesicles in each droplet, we allow for the creation of a bilayer that is asymmetric in composition, which more efficiently models physiological conditions in homo-sapiens and beyond.
Value of Research:
"Undergraduate research in the sciences at Iona has helped me to build the focus required to think critically and diligently. It allowed me to engage my academic interests in a completely different setting than the classroom, giving me a realistic set of expectations and experiences to assist me in my future work in the medical field."
Future Plans:
“I have applied to several medical schools and am looking forward to enrolling for the fall 2016.”
Sean Campbell ’16
Major: Computer Science
Title of Research Project:
“Author Attribution Methodology as Applied to Thomas Paine Writings.”
Description: In this project, we use a combination of machine learning algorithms to improve upon past methods in determining the author of an unknown work. As the name suggests, the specific focus is on supporting or refuting works that have been attributed to Thomas Paine.”
Value of Research:
"Undergraduate research at Iona has exposed me to challenges that I would not have had to grapple with in the usual classroom setting. Having had the privilege to work on cross-disciplinary research between computer science and both chemistry and the humanities, I have been able to see (and actually perform) the application of computer science to real-world problems. Research has forced me to use and further develop skills I have learned in the classroom."
Future Plans: “I'll be starting in the Engineering Residency program at Google next September.”
Ashley Hubaykah ’16
Major: International Studies and Religious Studies,
Double Minor: French and Spanish
Title of Research Project:
“Thematic Relationship between the Literature of the Old Testament and the Qur’an’s, Fear of the Lord Jesus' Franchise Legacy: Dialoguing with John the Baptist.”
Value of Research:
“Research give students the opportunity to explore, in depth, about something they are passionate about. If you spend a significant amount of time with the work, you give yourself the opportunity to look at work in numerous ways. Also, it gives you the chance to work closely and learn from another scholar. It is great to see how other people discover and gain insight from research.
Future Plans:
“I plan to do service work in the United States and then abroad through teaching and ministry. I will also continue to pursue a master’s degree in education and theology and ultimately a doctorate in theology.”
Cassandra Gill ’16
Major: Marketing
Title of Research Project:
“Attitudes, Behavioral Intentions, and Actual Purchasing Patterns of GMOs among Consumers”
Value of Research:
“Research allows you to dive deeper into your studies and give you invaluable insights. It challenges you to produce your best work, forces you to learn more about yourself, and gives you an edge against the competition in future endeavors.”
Future Plans:
Working a part time professional digital marketing job for a startup. I will also pursue a MBA at Iona next year.

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