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Employee Guide for Media Requests

Under Advancement and External Affairs, College Marketing & Communications (MarCom) monitors all press and media inquiries. On occasion, employees may receive calls and inquiries directly from reporters and other media representatives. Employees are not authorized to respond to media inquiries unless expressly authorized to do so by MarCom. To ensure that the information we release is correct, consistent and in accordance with College policy, we request that all employees immediately refer any media inquiry to Brian Beyrer at or (914) 637-2726.

Faculty Guide for Media Requests

Faculty experts may be contacted directly by members of the news media for a quote or commentary on a particular subject matter. To ensure that the request is from a legitimate news source and that our office is aware of all pending news items, we ask that you contact Brian Beyrer at or (914) 637-2726. We may also be able to refer the reporter to other faculty experts if you are not available for comment.