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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and how were the inaccuracies in the reporting data uncovered?

    Staff noted concerns regarding potential inflation of some student performance data. President Nyre conducted an initial review, asked for additional reports and data sets, and identified potential significant and repeated inaccuracies. Upon confirmation of initial findings by an external consultant, the College immediately initiated an investigation by outside legal counsel and an independent external accounting firm. The report by outside counsel confirmed the inaccuracies.
  • How do potential inaccuracies impact the Iona College student experience?

    The noted inaccuracies do not in any way change or lessen the Iona College student experience in the classroom, in co-curricular activities, or in athletic competitions. Students are taught by the same qualified and dedicated faculty, supported by compassionate and dedicated staff and coaches, and remain the center of all that is Iona.
  • What impact will this have on Alumni?

    Iona alumni continue to achieve, excel and lead. They exemplify all that is Iona. The measure and proof of Iona’s excellence is in the longstanding success and accomplishments of our graduates. The Alumni Board has passed a unanimous resolution supporting all efforts of Dr. Nyre towards self-disclosure and transparency in data reporting.
  • What does the data represent?

    This is data that is reported to external agencies describing incoming students as well as students’ persistence to graduation at the College. The audit report findings are available on this site and identify all of the metrics that were reported inaccurately.
  • What is the process to determine the extent of the inaccuracies in data? How far back does the inaccurate data go?

    An investigation by an independent third-party auditing team and outside counsel confirmed the initial findings regarding inaccurate data reporting. The inaccurate data goes back to 2002.
  • How will the results be shared?

    As part of the ongoing disclosure process, results of the audit are being shared with all external agencies, constituencies and stakeholders of the College, and students, faculty and staff through several communication means, including meetings and postings on the Integrity in Reporting Committee web page.
  • What measures will be put in place to ensure the integrity of the data in the future?

    Initial measures include the formation of the Integrity in Reporting Committee which is currently reviewing all critical data reporting and has created new institutional guidelines. Ongoing assessment may determine the need to create an Office of Institutional Research and related necessary processes.
  • Who will be held responsible for this inaccuracy in reporting?

    As a result of verified audits, the institution has taken appropriate human-resource based actions and corrective steps as needed to ensure accountability and integrity of vital data reporting.
  • What impact does this have on the College?

    The data reporting issues are serious and are being handled by the College as such. The College is self-reporting to all external bodies in an effort to ensure transparency and minimize any negative impacts. The situation has also provided the College an opportunity to recommit itself to taking all steps necessary to uphold the mission, heritage and values of Iona College, and to serve the interests of students, alumni and supporters.
  • What can I do to help?

    You may help by sharing accurate information, minimizing rumors, and recognizing that the issues noted herein are not the measure of the college. The quality of the education, dedication to mission, method of overcoming adversity, and the tens of thousands of remarkable alumni are the measure of Iona College.
  • Where does the Board of Trustees stand on this issue?

    The Board of Legal Trustees acted in concert with President Nyre and the administration to take immediate human resource actions, initiated an external investigation, reported preliminary concerns regarding reliability and validity of data to external agencies, committed the college to further self reporting, and named Dr. Brian Nickerson as Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Where does the Alumni Board of Directors stand on this issue?

    The Alumni Board of Directors passed a unanimous resolution supporting the actions taken by the College and toward full transparency as a reflection of our integrity as a college community. The Board agrees that the character of the College is the method in which it moves to correct and address issues and that the proof is in the people who study, teach, work, graduate from - and support Iona College.
  • Do the inaccuracies involve grades provided to students at Iona College?

    No. No inaccuracies have been found in student grading practices.