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Challenges and Opportunities

With a strong fiscal position, infrastructure and academic momentum, Iona College is poised for a terrific leap forward to establish a national and international reputation for academic excellence and distinction.

The Board seeks leadership in responding to the following priority challenges:

  • Increasing student success. Like many colleges, Iona seeks to have a greater portion of its students graduating and reducing the time to degree.
  • Expanding enrollment. Iona seeks to grow its enrollment, even in the face of fierce competition for students, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In particular, Iona needs to be nimble with its academic program portfolio by implementing both its Graduate and Undergraduate Academic Plans and by seeking additional opportunities consistent with its Mission.
  • Recruiting, developing, and retaining faculty and staff talent. Iona recognizes that great colleges are built on great talent and seeks innovative ways to ensure Iona has high quality and diverse talent to serve its students.
  • Diversifying the resource base. While it has reduced its tuition dependency, Iona seeks to grow its endowment even further, to increase grants and contracts, and to expand entrepreneurial activities.

Each of the above priority challenges comes with opportunity from the right leader. The Board is looking for a leader who is constantly alert to and ahead of the changing environment and who can inspire the College community to be open to change, to be willing to innovate, and to take calculated risks.

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