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Accommodations and Services

Professional Skills-Based Tutoring

Students engage in an average two hours per week of skills-based tutoring with a learning specialist. Students are also encouraged to participate in our weekly group tutoring session and to take advantage of free content based tutoring in the Rudin Center. Tutors train students to incorporate appropriate skills-based strategies which cross the disciplines. The goal is for students to gradually practice these skills until they are able to master them independently. Skills that are often focused on include: writing and editing skills, note-taking, test preparation and test taking skills, reading comprehension and mathematics skills as well as time management and organization.

Secondary Advisement and Priority Registration

Students who are enrolled in CAP are allowed to register earlier than their peers, and receive help with course selection and registration. The CAP advisor works with students to generate a manageable schedule that takes into consideration the personal needs of the student, as well as their interests. Ideally, students create a schedule that balances demanding courses in weak skill areas with courses that utilize a student's strengths.

Testing Accommodations

CAP arranges for students to receive their testing accommodations as specified in their documentation. The College Assistance Program manages the provision of documented accommodations for CAP students. Accommodation decisions are made using students' psycho-educational reports and acceptable documentation. For further questions regarding accommodations at the post-secondary level, please feel free to call our office or attend one of our information sessions.

Academic Coaching/Counseling

The CAP counselor offers academic coaching, time management, and stress management strategies, based on the individual needs of each student. Students are encouraged to meet with the counselor on a regular basis until they are able to manage these strategies on their own. The counselor also provides guidance and support in areas such as, determining a major, resume writing, and internships

Study Groups

CAP arranges for students to study in groups for many of the core classes (e.g., philosophy, psychology, math, religion, history), Group sessions are usually facilitated by a CAP learning specialist, and students are expected to bring all the source material as well. Sessions are usually conducted in consideration of designated exam dates.