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Student Testimonials

"As a senior at Iona College, this will be my last semester in the CAP program here at Iona. The CAP program here has been a great service to me as I have grown as a student these past four years at Iona. They have provided me a great number of services and accommodations that have helped me achieve my best capabilities as a student overall. From the flexibility allowed in the one-on-one tutoring sessions to the honoring of individual accommodations for test taking - all have been extremely helpful to my academic needs."
Katie, Class of 2018 

"What I like about CAP is that they have really helped me develop into a mature college student. They help me take my studies seriously and I also like the amount of support they provide. Not only academic support, but also life and social support as well."
- John, Class of 2020 

"CAP is the most amazing program that any college student can ask for, mostly because it has really nice staff that go out of their own way to help you. Being a freshman was hard, mostly because everything was happening all at once, and it felt like we were expected to know everything when we first came to Iona. CAP's summer transition program was amazing because it helped me realize that even though college is hard, with the right support and help, you can become an amazing student if you strive for it."
- CAP Student, Class of 2021

“I do not know where to begin to explain how much CAP has impacted my college experience in such a positive way. Every time I walk into CAP I automatically feel the positive vibes. Each CAP staff member has a way of making students in the program feel that their 'disabilities' should not hold them back from succeeding in whatever major that they have chosen. The staff at CAP allow students to grow stronger and to embrace their learning disabilities in such a beautiful way. I could never possibly imagine not being in this program. CAP is much more than just an assistance program, they are as close as a family who will always be there for their students no matter the circumstance.”
- Liz, Class of 2020