student working in classroom

Professional Staff

Our office is located in Room 204 of Amend Hall.
Ms. Daneshea Palmer, MS – Director
Ms. Amanda Marino, MA – Assistant Director
Ms. Orquidea Sanso MA, M.Ed. – Program Counselor
Ms. Phyllis Geraghty – Administrative Assistant

Ms. Mary Aiello-Gray – Learning Specialist/Adjunct Faculty
Ms. Christina Barbero – Learning Specialist
Ms. Kathleen Bembenek – Learning Specialist
Ms. Mary Jane Bishop – Learning Specialist/Adjunct Faculty
Faith Florer, Ph.D. – Learning Specialist
Ms. Linda Kahwaty – Learning Specialist
Ms. Caitlin Kraus – Learning Specialist
Ms. Mary Anne LaMassa – Learning Specialist/Adjunct Faculty
Mr. Charles MacDonald – Learning Specialist
Ms. Karen Maze – Learning Specialist
Mr. Michael Morris – Learning Specialist
Sasha Tulchinsky, Ph.D. – Learning Specialist/Adjunct Faculty
Mr. Robert Wainwright – Learning Specialist/Adjunct Faculty
Ms. Joann Winterbottom – Learning Specialist

If you need to contact us, please call (914) 633-2159.