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Now that you're about to graduate, transitioning from student to professional can be exciting and challenging.

This section of the Senior Career Corner was created to help you balance life after college including thriving in your first year on the job and money management. Remember, projecting a positive image by demonstrating your enthusiasm and initiative will get you noticed.

Helpful Articles


  • JobStart 101: Smart Tips and Real-World Training (free webinar developed to assist college students to better understand employers' expectations before entering the workforce)

This free webinar was developed to assist college students to better understand the expectations of employers before entering the workforce.  Created by Business Roundtable, hundreds of employers were asked about what skills they feel college graduates are missing when entering into their first jobs.  The goal of JobStart 101 is to provide a foundation for building these skills so that you can be an effective worker in the professional world.

JobStart 101 consists of six modules covering important areas of professional development.  The modules include:

Module #1:  How to establish your E-Brand
Module #2:  How to develop a professional persona
Module #3:  How to build work relationships
Module #4:  How to manage your emotions and stay positive
Module #5:  How to solve problems
Module #6:  How to drive your career

Feel free to view the entire 60 minute webinar, or only the module that applies to you.  Also notice that there is a downloadable workbook to help prepare you for success in the post-college workforce.