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While there are many things you should do during your first year on the job, there are also some red flag mistakes you don’t want to make.

The following are some of the typical office “don’ts” to avoid when you are new in the workplace.

Office Relationships
Forget about the cute intern down the hall. Office romances are a surefire way to ruin credibility as a professional. If you do develop strong feelings for an age-appropriate colleague, keep things under wraps for as long as possible, and never engage in public displays of affection or unprofessional behavior.

Personal Phone Calls or Emails
Since you are there for eight hours a day or more, there will certainly be times you may need to handle personal business during your workday. However, be careful about abusing your phone line. Even if you see your superiors do it, keep personal calls to a minimum, and save the chitchat for your cell phone during your lunch hours. And just because wiring an email can look like your sending a work memo, beware. We’ve all heard stories of how pushing the send button to the wrong person has cost someone his/her job.

Surfing the Web
The internet has become the easiest way to goof off at work, as people in many work settings spend the majority of their days in front of the computer screen. Don’t forget that some companies have the capability to monitor what you are viewing. Instead of scrambling to close your internet link when you boss walks by, you can order the gift for your mom or check out movie times on your own time.

Every workplace comes with its unique set of office politics and power struggles. As a new hire, try to keep an open mind and don’t get caught up in the gossip. Establishing alliances before you have proved yourself, as well as developing your own opinions, can be hazardous to your career. Listen politely, but extract yourself from gripe sessions as soon as you can.

Arriving Late/Leaving Early/Long Lunches
No one wants to be branded as a slacker during the first year on the job. Now is the time to put in a little extra effort. Show that you are a professional by arriving early and staying until you get the job done. Lunch hour is a figurative term at some offices, not to be taken literally. Model your actions on successful co-workers and supervisors.