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On-Campus Recruiting / Resume Referral Program Code of Ethics

The Iona College Career Development Center has built positive relationships with employers and made every effort to optimize opportunities for students. In order to maintain a positive working relationship with our employers, we have established a set of policies and procedures for students participating in the On-Campus Recruiting and Resume Referral programs at Iona College. It is expected that students will abide by the policies outlined below.

  1. Review all job descriptions before applying. If you apply and are selected to interview, you are expected to follow through with the interview.
  2. Being on Time for the Interview: It is recommended that you arrive at the designated location at least 10 minutes before the scheduled interview. Late arrival will seriously impact the outcome of your interview and may in some cases result in forfeiting the interview slot. You should consider doing a trial commute if you are unaware of the location.
  3. Maintaining Interview Appointments: When a student signs up for an interview, it is expected that he or she is interested in the position and will therefore keep the appointment. This time slot will be reserved for you and the recruiter from the company will be expecting to meet with you. Students who fail to show up for a scheduled interview are immediately suspended from participating in any further on-campus interviews. They must meet with the Career Development Director or Associate Director to review their case and determine if they can have their eligibility reinstated.
  4. Dressing Professionally: Students are required to wear professional attire and be properly groomed for all interviews on campus. Men should wear suits or a jacket and tie. Women should wear a pants suit or a dress. Consult with a career advisor if you have questions on proper attire.
  5. Preparing for the Interview: Students must attend a Job and Internship Prep Session. It is strongly recommended that you participate in mock interview with a career advisor or employer prior to the interview. This will sharpen your interview skills and help prepare you for a successful interview.
  6. Accepting Offers: Prior to acceptance, be sure to clarify work hours, job location(s), school schedule (if it's an internship), responsibilities, etc. Once you have accepted an offer, do not entertain other job offers. You should not rescind your acceptance of an offer since this is personally damaging to you and the Iona employer relationship. You have a responsibility to fulfill your hiring commitment. If you need assistance with multiple offers or negotiating salary, please consult with a Career Advisor.

We encourage you to direct any questions on the above policy to the Director or Associate Director of Career Development.

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