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Faculty Accomplishments

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Spring 2018

Engaged Faculty - Spring 2018

Amanda Howerton-Fox


Amanda Howerton-Fox

Dr. Howerton-Fox was invited to give a talk at TEDxManchesterHighSchool, an independently organized TED event in Manchester, Conn. on the boundary that our society erects between the Able and the dis/Abled, and the dangerous ramifications of that invisible wall.
Watch Dr. Howerton-Fox's TEDx talk.

Nora Slonimsky

Institute for Thomas Paine Studies

Nora Slonimsky

A writer, historian, and native New Yorker, Iona professor Nora Slonimsky, Ph.D. has achieved national recognition for her impressive achievements in early American studies. Her manuscript, The Engine of Free Expression: Copyrighting Nation in Early America, will be published by the University of Pennsylvania press, thanks to Nora winning the ‘best book not yet publish’ award from The Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (SHEAR).
Read more about Nora Slonimsky.

Teresa Delgado

Religious Studies

Teresa Delgado

Iona professor Dr. Teresa Delgado was invited to speak at the College of Saint Benedict | St. John’s University on “Reimagining Decolonial Futures: Puerto Rico, God-Talk and Seeking the Common Good.” The lecture took place during the annual Koch Chair in Catholic Thought and Culture lecture on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018. Through her distinguished career, she has been passionate about articulating a constructive vision through the experiences of marginalized people.
Read more about Teresa Delgado.

Spring 2018 Faculty Accomplishments

Jeffrey W. Alstete, Ed.D. (Management and Business Administration), has adopted updates to the capstone business course simulation GLO-BUS for Spring 2018. After successfully using the GLO-BUS competitive online business simulation for the past 13 years, where Iona teams frequently earned top 100 rankings internationally, the game has been updated for Spring 2018. Senior business students will participate in course sections of BUS470 - Business Policy and Strategy, taught by Professor Alstete. In the new GLO-BUS, student-led teams run companies that are in a neck-and-neck race for global market leadership in two product categories: 1) wearable video cameras, and 2) sophisticated camera-equipped copter drones. The companies compete in a global market arena, selling to buyers in four geographic regions.

Mitchell T. Bard, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), co-authored an article titled "Judicial Elections and Issue Advertising: A Two State Study" in University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review, volume 39. The article is a data-based examination of the effect of issue advertisement in judicial elections in Wisconsin and Arkansas. This is the fourth law review article on the topic published by the authors. 

Nadine Barnett Cosby, ’96MS (Mass Communication), was selected as a 2018 National Association of Television Programming Executives (NATPE) Faculty Fellow. The Faculty Fellowship Program selected 35 college and university media faculty to receive complete access to the sessions and activities of the annual NATPE marketplace and conference in Miami, Fla., in January. The goal of the program is to expose the educational community to current television issues and practices, and to foster improved communication and cooperation between educators and the industry. The NATPE conference attracts executives from around the world for sessions featuring leaders from all facets of the global telecommunications industry, along with hundreds of exhibiting companies.   

George Bournoutian, Ph.D. (History), presented a paper titled "Erasing the Iranian Heritage in the South Caucasus" at the 8th Biennial Convention of the Association for the Study of Persianate Societies in Tbilisi, Georgia. Bournoutian's book, The Chronicle of Abraham of Crete (1999), was published in a Persian translation in Tehran, Iran.

James E. Carpenter, Ph.D. (Mathematics), presented a paper titled "Pythagoras is Everywhere" at the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State 67th Annual Meeting and Conference in Buffalo, N.Y., in November 2017. In March 2018, he also presented "An Investigation of Area" at both the Ten Country Mathematics Educators Association 43rd Annual Spring Conference at Saunders Trades and Technical High School in Yonkers, N.Y., and the 59th Annual Hudson-Mohawk Valley Mathematics Conference at Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School in Burnt Hills, N.Y.

George L. DeFeis, Ph.D. (Management), had a paper titled "When a Trade Deficit Provides a Surplus: How Semi-finished and Finished Product Imports Yield Gains When Sold" accepted for publication in the Journal of Marketing Perspectives, Volume I, 2018. The editorial board of the 2018 "Handbook of Engaged Sustainability" also accepted a chapter by Dr. DeFeis, titled "Business Youth for Engaged Sustainability to Achieve the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals," paralleling the course Dr. DeFeis designed and developed for the Management Department in fall 2017: "Service-Learning Management for Sustainable Development" (MNG 360).

Mike Damergis, MS (Sports Communication and Media Director), along with Mass Communication senior Andrew Alers, conducted an exclusive interview with former NHL player Willie O'Ree in honor of Black History Month. O'Ree was the first black hockey player in the NHL, making his debut 60 years ago for the Boston Bruins. 

Teresa Delgado, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), participated in the presentation, "Identity, Suffering, and Hope in Puerto Rico and Beyond: Latinx Communities Claiming Freedom", at Union Theological Seminary in New York City on April 4, 2018. Her book, A Puerto Rican Decolonial Theology, as well as the ongoing devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, served as a catalyst for this event. The conversation offered an opportunity to engage on behalf of the Puerto Rican people, and Latinx communities more broadly, to claim freedom as our own. Reflections by the presenters alternated with round table discussions and allowed for relationship building and the sharing of stories among participants. Along with this, in March 2018, she also presented on her book at the Antioch Church in Bedford Hills, N.Y., and another presentation titled “Prophesying our story after Hurricane Maria: A Puerto Rican Decolonial Theology” at St. John’s University.

Marie Elaine Gioiosa. Ph.D., CPA (Accounting), published a journal article titled "What Affects Average Net Price at Four-Year Public and Not-for-Profit Private Institutions in the USA?" in the Journal of Education Economics and Development, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 38-56, 2018. 

Eric Hamerman, Ph.D. (Marketing), Chrissy Martins, Ph.D. (Marketing), and Fredrica Rudell, Ph.D. (Marketing), recently published an article titled "Factors that predict taking restaurant leftovers: Strategies for reducing food waste" in Journal of Consumer Behavior, 17(1), 94-104. 

Christine Hardigree, Ph.D. (Education), will present on the topic "Instructional Possibilities for Multilingual Students in Content-Area Literacy Instruction" at the American Educational Research Association annual meeting in New York City in April 2018.

Amanda Howerton-Fox, Ph.D. (Education), presented "Case Study of a School in Transition: First Steps in Adopting a Bilingual Approach," with NYC school administrator, Dr. Jodi L. Falk, at the conference of American College Educators - Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACE-DHH) in Tucson, Ariz. on February 16.

Cathryn F. Lavery, Ph.D. (Criminal Justice and Sociology), was reappointed as a peer reviewer for the 2018-2019 Office of Justice Programs as a federal grant peer reviewer for grant projects involving community-based corrections, victimology and violent crime/criminology. 

Timothy S. Lyle, Ph.D. (English), participated in a special sessions panel titled "Blackness and Disability: Special Issue of African American Review" at the Modern Language Association (MLA) Conference in New York, January 4 - 7, 2018. Additionally, he has been invited to give a keynote speech at Bates College in late February to celebrate their student/faculty production of Tony Kushner's Angels in America. In addition to advising the cast and crew, Dr. Lyle shared his current research on black queerness and HIV/AIDS cultural history. Dr. Lyle also published an interdisciplinary, co-authored article with Dr. Stephen Engel, professor and chair of Politics, at Bates College. Blending his expertise in HIV/AIDS history and cultural studies, and Dr. Engel's expertise in constitutional doctrine, the article explores queer intimate kinship and how the AIDS epidemic bathhouse closures in the mid-1980s continued a dignity taking in the cultural landscape and in the courtroom. The article appears in the Chicago-Kent Law Review, vol. 92, no. 3, 2017, pp. 961-989. Dr. Lyle and Dr. Engel have presented their work at conferences in Chicago and Mexico City. 

Thomas Mussio, Ph.D. (Foreign Languages), presented his paper, "Castelvetro's Reading of the Narrative of Canzoniere," at the Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting on March 23 in New Orleans, La. 

Brother Robert Novak, Ph.D. (Physics), gave a talk titled "Future Discoveries to be Made by the NASA-IRTF in the Atmosphere of Mars" at the "NASA-Infrared Telescope (NASA-IRTF) Workshop to Plan for the Future" in Oracle, Ariz., in February. The talk indicated the discovery or non-discovery of organic chemicals on Mars that could indicate the presence of life. Previously, Br. Novak and his colleagues at NASA had discovered methane. They are now searching for ethane, propane and butane.

Hannah Park, Ph.D., MFA (Fine and Performing Arts), was invited by blind peer-review to present a solo choreographic project titled "Gravity of Heart" at the LABAN 2018 International Conference Celebrating LIMS 40th Anniversary to be held in New York City on May 31 - June 2, and another solo choreographic project titled "A Dionysian Wonder" at the 33rd Annual North American BMCA Conference at Smith College, in Northampton, Mass. to be held on June 5 - 10. Additionally, a blind-reviewed paper presentation titled "Sounds and Words in Motion: Cognitive Embodiment and Creativity as Tools for Deaf Children's Literacy Education" and a lecture demonstration titled "Unleashing Creative Energies: An Exploration of Somatics through a Nietzschean Lens" to be presented with student Dan Liang '18 were accepted to be presented at the Panpapanpalya Joint Dance Congress of Dance and the Child International and World Dance Alliance in Adelaide, Australia, at the University of South Australia, July 8-13. She is an invited guest speaker for Ewha Women's University's Dance and Media Research Center's Colloquium Series in Seoul, Korea on July 20, and an invited guest speaker on "Dance for Community Engagement and Social Justice" at the International Symposium of the Korean Society of Dance to be held October 13-14 at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea. 

Robert J. Petrausch, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), spent the Spring 2017 semester in Barcelona, Spain, at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) as a resident scholar. He conducted lectures on public relations campaigns, strategies and tactics for UIC faculty and students. His paper, "New Model for Enhanced Results in International PR and Marketing Campaigns," was published in the UIC Business Journal. He was also the keynote speaker at UIC business day in April 2017, talking about innovation, creativity and new media to UIC students and business leaders who were invited to the event. Dr. Petrausch also represented Iona at the 9th Annual International Week at CEU Universidad, San Pablo in Madrid, Spain, in March 2017. He presented a talk on "The Changing Role of Persuasion in the Age of Speed." During his sabbatical year, he was elected to the National Council of the United Nations Association-USA for the New England Region and attended its Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C.

Elena Procario-Foley, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), delivered the 23rd Annual Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Jerusalem Lecture for the Archdiocese of Chicago on February 26, 2018. She was the first woman in the history of the series to deliver the lecture. The title was "Peace by Piece: 50 Years of Reconciliation Between Jews and Catholics." Cardinal Blaise Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago was present for the lecture. The lecture was co-sponsored by the Spertus Institute, the AJC, the ADL, the Jewish Federation of Chicago, and the Chicago Board of Rabbis. 
Carol Shansky, D.M.A. (Fine and Performing Arts), was invited by blind peer-review to present a concert with clarinetist Joseph D'Auguste titled "Highs and Lows," featuring various members of the flute and clarinet family at the Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention in Reston, Va. In addition to this, she also gave a presentation titled, "An Opportunity, Not A Chore!: Music Appreciation in the High School" at the New Jersey Music Educators Association Annual Convention.

Laura Shea, Ph.D. (English), participated in a special sessions panel titled "Dramaturgical Curiosities: Eugene O'Neill, Experimentation, and the New York Neo-Futurists" at the Modern Language Association (MLA) Conference in New York, January 4 - 7, 2018. Additionally, Dr. Shea's second mystery novel, Murder at the People's Theater, was published in January, 2018. 

James Stillwaggon, Ph.D. (Philosophy), published an article titled "Schools, Sex and Scandals: See it All at the Movies" in Salon, with co-author David Jelinek. 

Christoph Winkler, Ph.D. (Hynes Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation), is a co-author of two recent publications: "Experiential or Self-Regulated Learning: A Critical Reflection of Entrepreneurial Learning" in Entrepreneurial Research Journal: 8(2), 1-11 (Fust A., Jenert, T., & Winkler, C. 2018) and "The Entrepreneurship Education Imperative: Introducing EE&P", in Entrepreneurship, Education and Pedagogy: 1(1), 5-7 (Liguori E., Winkler C., Winkel, D., Marvel, M.R., Keels, J.K., van Geldren, M., & Noyes, E. 2018).

Ronald R. Yager, Ph.D. (Information Systems), with co-author N. Alajlan, published "Multi criteria formulations with uncertain satisfactions," in Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 69, pp. 104-111, 2018. Dr. Yager also published a journal article titled "Satisfying uncertain targets using measure generalized Dempster-Shafer belief structures" in Knowledge Based Systems 142, pp. 1-6, 2018.

Fall 2017

Zeynep Altinay, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), published an article titled "Visual Communication of Climate Change: Local Framing and Place Attachment" in Coastal Management. In August, she presented a paper titled "Communicating Land Loss for Coastal Louisiana with Visuals: Issue Urgency and Issue Importance" at the peer-reviewed national conference of the Association for Education in Mass Communication and Journalism in Chicago. Dr. Altinay also spoke on a panel on how to teach politically contentious science, environmental, health and risk issues in the classroom.

Amal Alabbad, Ph.D. (Accounting), presented a paper titled "Depositor Characteristics and the Performance of Islamic Bank" at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, 2017, in San Diego, Calif. The paper is also scheduled for a presentation at the 9th Foundation of Islamic Finance in Lancaster, UK, 2017.

Christina Andruk, Ph.D. (Biology), received an Invasive Species Rapid Response and Control (ISRRC) grant award of $39,916.28 from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for the "Mapping, Studying, and Controlling Corydalis incisa (Incised Fumewort) along the Bronx River" project. Andruk plans to use the money to hire Iona College students as undergraduate research assistants to develop strategies to eradicate this new invasive species. Dr. Andruk also made an oral presentation of "A New Invasive Threat: The Distribution and Habitat Requirements of Corydalis incisa along the Bronx River in Westchester County, N.Y." at the joint meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Invasive Plant Council and Society of Ecological Restoration conference. 

Jeffrey W. Alstete, Ed.D. (Management and Business Administration), wrote a book review of Creating a New Public University and Reviving Democracy: Action Research in Higher Education by Morten Levin and Davydd J. Greenwood which was published in the Comparative Education Review, 61.3 (2017): 655-658. He also wrote a chapter titled "Revenue Generation: Higher Education Institutions" in the Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions, published by Springer Netherlands, 2017.

Mitchell Bard, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), presented two papers at the peer-reviewed national conference of the Association for Education in Mass Communication and Journalism in Chicago in August 2017: "Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS? A Textual Analysis of Fake News Articles on Facebook Before the 2016 Election" (sole author), and "Selective Exposure and the Hostile Media Effect Among Post-Millennials" (lead author). At the conference, Mitchell was re-elected the teaching chair for the Political Communication Interest Group, AEJMC's largest interest group. In addition, Mitchell was asked to write a chapter on the fake news paper he presented at AEJMC in the book Communication and Media in the Age of Trump for the publisher Peter Lang. The book is scheduled to be published in 2018.
Nicholas J. Beutell, Ph.D., Jeffrey W. Alstete, Ed.D. (Management, Business Administration & Health Care Management), and others co-wrote and published an article titled "Coping with the Fear of and Exposure to Terrorism among Expatriates" in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, July 2017, Vol. 14, No. 7, pp. 1-13.

George Bournoutian, Ph.D. (History), published three lengthy entries on Simeon Lehatsi, Arakel Dawrizhetsi and Zakaria Kanakertsi in Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History, Vol. 10: The Ottoman and Safavid Empires, 1600-1700, D. Thomas and J. Chesworth eds.; Leiden, Brill publishers, 2017. He also published "The Population of the South Caucasus according to the 1897 General Census of the Russian Empire" in Iran and the Caucasus, 21 (2017), 324-340. He reviewed Mustafa Agha's Fathname-ye Iravan (Ottoman Turkish and Persian Text), Tehran 2015 in Haigazian Armenological Review, vol. 36 (Beirut, Lebanon, 2016), 621-623.
David Carlyon, Ph.D. (Fine and Performing Arts), won the Stuart Thayer Prize for Best Circus Book of 2016, for his book The Education of a Circus Clown: Mentors, Audiences, Mistakes. He recently published a chapter, "David Stone: Defying the Gravity of Expectations," in The Palgrave Handbook of Musical Theatre Producers; and a blog post, "American Clowns: Performance, History, and Cliche" for the Smithsonian Institution's Folklife Festival Blog. He also recently consulted for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the Smithsonian Institution and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

Kevin Cawley, CFC, Ph.D. (Executive Director of the Thomas Berry Forum at Iona), and Kathleen Deignan, CND, Ph.D. (Co-Founder of the Thomas Berry Forum), were invited by the sponsors of a conference on "Spirituality and Sustainability" that was held in Rome and Assisi during June/July 2017. They both offered presentations on the deepening legacy of Thomas Berry, who was the geologian around whom the Assisi Conferences gathered during eight years of his life. To mark the second anniversary of the papal encyclical, "Laudato Si: On the Care of Our Common Home," the 60 conferees attended an audience with Pope Francis, who acknowledged and thanked them for their work to protect the endangered earth.

Nadine Barnett Cosby, MS (Mass Communication), was selected as a National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) Faculty Fellow. Fellowship recipients will be sponsored to attend the NATPE Marketplace and Conference in Miami Beach, Fla., in January 2018.

Mike Damergis (Clinical Professor/Sports Communication & Media Director) had a a radio interview with former California Angels third baseman Carney Lansford cited in the book Lyman Bostock: The Inspiring Life and Tragic Death of a Ballplayer by K. Adam Powell.
George L. De Feis, DPS (chair, Management, Business Administration and Health Care Management), won the Best Presentation Award at the 2017 BAASANA Conference held August 16-18, 2017 at the University of Exeter, England for his paper titled "Business Youth for Engaged Sustainability to Achieve the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals," which will be highlighted in a new Iona course in the Fall 2017: MNG 360 - Service Learning Management for Sustainable Development.

Teresa Delgado, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), has written a book, which was published and released in October 2017 with Palgrave Macmillan, titled A Puerto Rican Decolonial Theology: Prophesy Freedom. This study contributes to the ongoing tradition of resistance and freedom within and beyond the island of Puerto Rico and adds a Puerto Rican perspective to theological dialogue in the United States. Delgado also published two essays in "Teaching, Religion, Politics," a blog of the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion. The essays are titled "Managing Heated Debate on Politics and Religion" (March 23, 2017) and "On Cornerstones: Teaching Social Justice as a Theological Value After #Charlottesville" (August 24, 2017). Additionally, she was selected to be one of the 10 national scholars to participate in a three-year Research Fellows Colloquium on Catholicism and the Common Good, sponsored by the Center for Catholic Faith and Culture at Duquesne University, through a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation. Delgado was also invited to give two presentations at Colgate University in October, first as guest lecturer with Dr. Lourdes Rojas Paiewonsky's class on Latin American and Latina literature; and then an open community lecture on "The Power of Story: Literature as a Source for Decolonizing Theology" on the occasion of her book release, A Puerto Rican Decolonial Theology. In late October, Delgado presented on a panel of religious leaders/scholars at the 2017 Puerto Rican Studies Association PRSA Symposium: "Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans: Critical Perspectives on Puerto Rico," sponsored by the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College.

Thomas Donnarumma, MFA (Fine and Performing Arts) was invited to participate in the evaluation and consultation of the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations by the New York State Education Department and Evaluation Systems group with the New York State Teacher Certification Examination Framework Review Conference in October 2017, in Albany, N.Y.

Elda Buonanno Foley, Ph.D. (Foreign Language), published a new book titled In Viaggio Per L'Italia: Percorso tra la cultura e la lingua del Bel Paese, by Sentia Publishing. Her next book, Impacting the Global Community: The Made in Italy Case by Cambridge Scholar will be released in January, 2018.

Marie Elaine Gioiosa, Ph.D. (Accounting), presented a paper titled, "Do State Appropriations Affect Average Net Price at Four-Year Public Institutions" at the Northeast Business and Economics Association Conference in Port Jefferson, N.Y., in October.

Sibdas Ghosh, Ph.D. (Dean, School of Arts & Science), co-wrote and published an article, "Functional studies of AtACR2 gene putatively involved in accumulation, reduction and/or sequestration of arsenic species in plants," in Biologia 72/5: 520-526.
Marie Elaine Gioiosa, Ph.D. (Accounting), published an article titled "Do Factors Associated With the Increases in Higher Education costs Affect Average Net Price at Four-Year Public Institutions?" in Strategic Enrollment Management Quarterly, 5(1), 2-19.

Amanda Howerton-Fox, Ph.D. (Education) co-presented a paper, "Enacting a Bilingual Grammar Curriculum: Syntactic Knowledge of Teachers of the Deaf," with Jodi Falk, Ph.D. (St. Joseph's School for the Deaf, Bronx, N.Y.) at the New York State Council for Exceptional Children Conference (NYS-CEC) in Binghamton, N.Y., in October 2017.
Yourha Kang, Ph.D. (Biology), published an article titled "Changes in the Numbers of Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa L.) at Marshlands Conservancy in Rye, New York, over a 12-year Period" in In Vivo magazine, Spring 2017.

Jonwook Kim, Ph.D. (Computer Science), had his published papers presented at the International Systems Software Product Line Conference (SPLC'17) in Seville, Spain. His papers are titled "Refactoring Java Software Product Lines," and "X15: A Tool For Refactoring Java Software Product Lines,"
Cathryn Lavery, Ph.D. (Chair, Criminal Justice), co-wrote and published an article titled "Masquerading Sanity: Crimes, Violence and Victimization on the Internet" published in Acta Psychopathologica, 2017, 3:3.

Sunghee Lee, Ph.D. (Chair and Endowed Professor, Chemistry), presented her research titled "Insights Into Bilayer Membrane Structure From Water Transport Across the Droplet Interface Bilayer" at the International Colloids Conference, June 18-21, 2017, in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain.
Timothy S. Lyle, Ph.D. (English), published a full-length article in the 50th anniversary edition of African American Review (50.2, summer 2017, John Hopkins University Press), which focuses specifically on "Blackness and Disability" and will feature Dr. Lyle's work on HIV/AIDS and contemporary black women's fiction. Because of this article's various lines of inquiry, he was subsequently invited to speak at Princeton University in October, at the National Women's Studies Association in November, and at the Modern Language Association's annual conference in January. Lyle also published an article titled "'She Came to Liberate': Janet Mock and Revolutionary Love among Trans Women" in the College Language Association Journal, vol. 60, no. 2, 2016, pp. 225-243.

Yasuhiro Makimura, Ph.D. (History), published a book titled Yokohama and the Silk Trade: How Eastern Japan Became the Primary Economic Region of Japan, 1843-1893; New York: Lexington Books, 2017. 

Chrissy Martins, Ph.D. (Marketing and International Business), presented a paper titled "Impression Management and Restaurant Leftovers: Strategies for Reducing Food Waste" at the Marketing and Public Policy conference this past June in Washington, D.C. This paper is based on a project with Eric Hamerman, Ph.D. (Marketing), and Fredrica Rudell, Ph.D. (Marketing).

Thomas Moretti, Ph.D. (English), has published an essay titled "Tragic Mediation in The White Devil" in the collection Forms of Faith: Literary Forms and Religious Conflict in Early Modern England (June 2017). Dr. Moretti also shared a paper, "Green Fantasies of Conquest in Henry V," at the Shakespeare Association of America (SAA) 2017 conference. He will co-lead the seminar "Time and Emotion" at the 2018 SAA conference with Dr. Kristine Johanson (U. of Amsterdam) and Dr. Sarah Lewis (King's College London).

Glen Mules, Ph.D. (Computer Science), was selected to receive a 2017 IBM Faculty Award for $10,000 in recognition of his work with the specialists of the IBM Analytics Education Services to create the new curriculum for the Data Scientist Track of the IBM Skills Academy.

Kim Paffenroth, Ph.D. (Religious Studies; Director, Honors Program), published an essay, "The Best Teacher Is Like a Famous Mage Everyone Knows - Just Not Any of Your Favorites," in the journal Teaching Theology & Religion. He is also the co-editor of Augustine and Keirkegaard, a new volume in the series Augustine and Conversation: Tradition and Innovation (Rowman and Littlefield). The index for this volume was prepared by Madeline Bennett (2018). Paffenroth also participated in a panel on "Honors Education at Faith-Based Institutions: Challenges and Opportunities" at the annual meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council in Atlanta, Ga.

Hannah Park, Ph.D. (Fine and Performing Arts), presented "Harmonious Embodiment: Somatic Approaches to Training a Transparent Body," a blind-reviewed theory into practice presentation, at the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science in Houston, Texas, in October. The blind-reviewed paper titled, "Nietzsche and Somatics: An Experiential Study of Conflicting Creative Energies" that was collaborated on with undergraduate student, Dan Liang, was accepted for presentation at the 2018 Hawaii University International Conference on Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences & Education (AHSE), which will take place in January 2018.

Elena Procario-Foley, Ph.D. (Religious Studies and Core Curriculum director), presented a panel paper titled "The Refugee Status: Political Ethics and Moral Politics" at the Martin-Springer Institute of Northern Arizona University as part of the symposium "Strangers or Neighbors? Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Perspectives on Refugees," in October in Flagstaff, Ariz. 

Lisa Rene Reynolds, Ph.D. (Program Director, Marriage and Family Therapy), wrote the second edition of her book, Parenting Through Divorce: Helping Your Kids Thrive During and After the Split. The book was released in September 2017 and is available via Skyhorse Publishing.

Aaron Rosenfeld, Ph.D. (English), published an essay titled "Bodies of Water: Un-Writing the Mother in Whitman and Eliot," in Literary Imagination 19:1 [2017]: 54-69). He also published "Wine, Poems, and Song: Lateral Reading and the Pedagogy of Appreciation," in Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Literature, Language, Composition, and Culture, 17:2 [April 2017]. His article "Extended Engagement: In Praise of Breadth" will appear as a chapter in the edited volume New Approaches to Teaching the Surveys (ed. James Lang, et. al., West Virginia University Press, 2017); and his article "Boundaries of Taste: Cosmopolitanism and the Bordered Survey" will appear in a special joint issue of the Associated Departments of English/Associated Departments of Foreign Language journal (ADE/ADFL) devoted to globalization and literary studies. 
Lily Rubino, M.Sc. (Scientific and Technological Literacy), presented a poster, "Water, Water Everywhere: Investigating Household Water Access in an Urban Site of Abundance" at The Water and Health Conference at UNC Chapel Hill in October. She then traveled to Colombia in November with WaterAid America to follow-up on this work and explore water access challenges faced by the Wayuu communities of La Guajira, Colombia.

Carol Shansky, DMA (Fine and Performing Arts), presented her paper, "We Are Aiming for Quality and Good Music: The Hebrew Orphan Asylum Harmonica Band, Harmonica Contests and Music Education, 1924-1930," at the Oklahoma City Symposium on the History of Music Education on June 3. This was an international conference with attendees from the United States, Hungary and Australia. Additionally, Shansky performed by blind, peer-reviewed invitation at two October conferences: the National Association of Collegiate Wind and Percussion Instructors at the University of Montevallo, Ala., and the College Music Society National Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Shansky performed on flute with clarinetist, Dr. Michelle Kiec, interim dean of Visual and Performing Arts at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Their programs featured works by current American composers.

Michelle Veyvoda, Ph.D. (Speech Communication Studies), led a panel presentation at the International Association of Civic Engagement and Service-Learning (IARSLCE) in Galway, Ireland. Along with colleagues Tommy Van Cleave, Ed.D, and Genevieve Harding (Office of Academic Civil and Global Engagement) and colleagues at Grand Valley State University and Emory University, Dr. Veyvoda presented ongoing research and a pedagogical model on the use of service-learning in academic programs in the Allied Health Sciences.

Ronald R. Yager, Ph.D. (Information Systems), published an article titled "Bidirectional Possibilistic Dominance in Uncertain Decision Making" in Knowledge-Based Systems, 133, pp. 269-277. He also published a journal article titled "Generalized Regret Based on Decision Making" In Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 65 (2017): 400-405. Additionally, along with co-author J. Pascual Espada, he published a book titled New Advances in the Internet of Things, Springer, Heidelberg, 2017. Yager, along with coauthors N.D. To and M.Z. Reformat, published an article titled "Linked Open Data: Uncertainty in Equivalence of Properties" in Advances in Fuzzy Logic and Technology 2017- EUSFLAT 2017: the 10th conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology.
Katherine Zaromatidis, Ph.D. (Psychology), Kara Naidoo, Ph.D. (Education), and Catherine Salch, MSEd (Liberty Partnerships Program, director), presented a paper titled "Innovative Extended Learning Opportunities and Strategies for Retention and Graduation of At-Risk Students" at the 2017 National Dropout Prevention Network Conference in Palm Springs, Calif. 

David Zuckerman, Ph.D. (Biology), presented his research at a talk at the New York Bacillus Interest Group Meeting hosted by NYU in June, titled "Identifying the slime secretion apparatus of Myxococcus xanthus." In July, he presented a talk, "Bacterial cytoskeletons and motility: studying the cell biology of Myxococcus xanthus," as an invited lecture at the Department of Natural Sciences at Baruch College. He also chaired a session on bacterial interactions at the 44th International Conference on the Biology of Myxobacteria in Arlington, Va.   

Spring 2017

Br. Robert Novak, Ph.D. (Physics), presented a talk at the first meeting of the Society of Catholic Scientists held in Chicago, April 21-23. The theme of the meeting was "Origins." Br. Novak's talk, titled "Telescopic Search for the Molecular Origins of Life in the Solar System," was an overview of telescopic observations of comets and Mars that Br. Novak has conducted over the past 20 years in conjunction with NASA's Astrobiology Institute.
Aaron Rosenfeld, Ph.D. (English), published an article titled "Wine, Poems, and Songs: Lateral Reading and the Pedagogy of Appreciation" in the peer-reviewed journal Pedagogy (17:2, April 2017, Duke University Press; pp. 203-234). He also had an article, "Bodies of Water: Un-Writing the Mother in Whitman and Eliot,” published in the peer-reviewed journal Literary Imagination.

Charlotte Wray, Ph.D. (assistant to the director of the Honors Program), had her work recognized by the National Collegiate Honors Council with Honorable Mention in their 2017 Award for Administrative Excellence.

Christina Andruk, Ph.D. (Biology & Environmental Studies), was quoted in stories in The Journal News and on CBS2 on invasive plant species.

Jeffrey W. Alstete, Ed.D. (Management and Business Administration), was quoted in a Westchester Magazine piece on "Millennials at Work."

Eric Moscato, MBA (Finance, Business Economics & Legal Studies) was quoted in a story on about informed selection of credit cards.

Jeanne Zaino, Ph.D. (Political Science), on WPIX11-TV on "Trump's First 100 Days: A News Closeup Analysis."

George Bournoutian, Ph.D. (History), published an article titled "Prelude to War: The Russian Siege and Storming of the Fortress of Ganjeh, 1803-1804" in the peer-reviewed Journal of the Association for Iranian Studies (Volume 50, No. 1, 2017).

Jack Breslin, Ph.D. (Mass Communication; graduate program director), was recently quoted on in reference to sensationalism in an article titled "Maddow Goes Mad!" by Jack Shafer regarding Rachel Maddow's breaking story about President's Trump's tax return. Breslin was quoted as a result of a 2013 book chapter, "Naughty Seeds of Sensationalism: Gossip and Celebrity in 19th Century Reporting." He also moderated a panel "Musicians, Magazines/Politics, Crime and Campaigns" at the 2017 Joint Journalism and Communications Historians Conference at New York University.

David Carlyon, Ph.D. (Fine & Performing Arts), served on a panel for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) in Washington, D.C., to assess documentary proposals.

George L. DeFeis, DPS (chair, Management, Healthcare Management and Business Administration Department), chaired a session on Economics/MIS and presented his work "When a Trade Deficit Provides a Surplus: How Semi-finished and Finished Product Imports Yield Gains when Sold," which won a Best Paper Award at the Spring 2017 Academy of Business Research (ABR) Conference in New Orleans in March.

Yourha Kang, Ph.D. (Biology), presented a Tedx talk at Westchester Community College for the TedxWCC conference on March 17. Her talk, titled "Why the Butterfly Weed Plant Matters," focused on the butterfly weed plant and the connections that living beings have with one another. See her talk, along with the others from the conference.

George V. Priovolos, Ph.D. (Marketing and International Business), and George DeFeis, DPS (Management, Business Administration, and Health Care Management), chaired sessions on marketing/management and strategy at the Spring 2017 Academy of Business Research (ABR) Conference in New Orleans in March. They also presented two papers they co-authored titled "Branding the Branding Project: The Case of Branding a Business School" and "An Oxymoron: Strategy Making for a School of Strategy." Both papers won a Best Paper Award in their respective sessions.

Carol Shansky, DMA (Fine and Performing Arts), participated in four conferences in March. At the East Coast Band Conference, she presented a paper titled "The Hebrew Orphan Asylum Band of New York City, 1874-1941." At the College Music Society, Northeast Region Conference, she presented a lecture recital, along with Hannah Park, Ph.D. (Fine and Performing Arts), titled "Tools and Long-Term Benefits from a Collaboration Between Music and Dance. In addition, she was an invited performer on both the Composer's Concert and the Recital Hour. At the Society for American Music Annual Conference in Montreal, Dr. Shansky presented a poster on "Harmonica Bands at the New York and Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan Asylums: A Niche in American Music." At the College Music Society Mid-Atlantic Conference, she, along with two colleagues, presented a lecture-recital "Celebrating Performers, Composers, and Training as a Collaborative in the Rehearsal Process." In addition, Dr. Shansky's Score Preface for the Toeschi Flute Concerto was published by Repertoire Explorer.

Sibdas Ghosh, Ph.D. (Dean, School of Arts & Science), had a co-authored, peer reviewed article titled "Monitoring Using a Sentinel Plant System Reveals Very Limited Aerial Spread of Phytophthora ramorum from Infected Ornamental Plants in a Quarantine Research Nursery" published in Plant Health Progress.

David Carlyon, Ph.D. (Fine and Performing Arts), was asked to serve on a peer-reviewed panel of scholars for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) for spring 2017.

Christine Hardigree, Ph.D. (Education), co-authored "Using Evidence in L2 Argumentative Writing: A Longitudinal Case Study Across High School and University," recently published in the journal Language Learning (March 2017). Dr. Hardigree was also accepted into the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Second Language Research Early Career Mentoring Program. She will work with a scholar mentor whom she will meet at the association's annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, in April.

Amanda Howerton-Fox, Ph.D. (Education), presented on "The Role of Comparative Linguistics in the Preparation of Teachers of the Deaf in Sweden" at the Association of College Educators – Deaf and Hard of Hearing Conference in San Antonio, Texas, in February.

Robert Lacey, Ph.D. (Political Science), recently published an article titled "Why Middlebury Protestors Were Right About Charles Murray" on ZNet, the website administered by Z Magazine.

Josh Leon, Ph.D. (Political Science and International Studies), published "Global Cities at Any Cost: Resisting Municipal Mercantilism" in the latest issue of the scholarly journal City. He also published a cover story in the March issue of The Progressive magazine, "Sanctuary Cities in an Age of Resistance."

Tricia Mulligan, Ph.D. (Political Science & International Studies; Associate Provost for Strategic Academic Initiatives), offered the keynote address "Leadership Without Authority: Leading Teams from Within" at the annual American Council on Education (ACE) Carol Russett Awards Luncheon at Knollwood Country Club on April 21.
Kara Naidoo, Ph.D. (Education), presented her work "Developing Methods Courses to Increase Teacher Self-Efficacy" at the Association of Teacher Educators Conference in Orlando, Fla., in February.

Hannah Park, Ph.D. (Fine and Performing Arts), had her research presentation titled "Every Body's Journey" accepted for the Somatic Dance Conference and Performance Festival to be held at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, N.Y., in July.

A. Vincent Ciardiello, Ph.D., and William Zimmerman, MA (Education), with four Iona pre-service teachers, collaborated with a social studies teacher at Dodson School in Yonkers in November 2016 to teach four separate lessons on American immigration.

Benjamin Gaines, Ph.D. (Mathematics), had his article "(0,2)-Deformations and the G-Hilbert Scheme" published in the journal Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Vol. 20, No. 5 (2016).

Ross Greenburg (Executive in Residence) produced the film "Perfect in '76," which recounts the Indiana University Hoosiers' 1976 undefeated men's college basketball season under head coach Bob Knight. The film premiered on March 10 at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

Malissa Scheuring Leipold, Ed.D. (Education), accompanied Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan on a visit to the site of LAMP (Lay Apostolic Ministries with the Poor) in Throggs Neck, Bronx, on March 8. Lamp Catholic Ministries is an organization whose mission is to serve the materially poor with a focus on witnessing to the love of God. Dr. Leipold, her family, and Cardinal Dolan spent the afternoon serving lunch to the poor and homeless. Dr. Leipold's parents began this ministry.

Patricia Oswald, Ph.D. (Psychology), was invited to join SUNY Farmingdale's Advisory Board for the Applied Psychology Program, which consults on curricular and professional development issues.

Hannah Park, Ph.D. (Fine and Performing Arts), had her Choreography Lab proposal accepted for the World Dance Alliance Global Summit hosted by the School of Music at Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland, from July 23-28. Dr. Park was also invited to present a blind-reviewed solo choreographic project, "Roots and Pedals," at the 32nd Annual North American BMCC (Body Mind Centering Conference) to take place at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, in July 2017.

Christine Hardigree, Ph.D. (Education), had her proposal for the New York State Association for Bilingual Education (NYSABE) conference accepted. She presented her work, titled "Supporting Synergistic Literacy: Linking Reading and Writing Instruction in Superdiverse Classrooms," in March.

Br. Robert Novak, Ph.D. (Physics), participated in observations of Mars on January 2, 3, 9 and 31. The first three nights were from NASA Infrared Telescope in Hawaii; the last night was from his office in Cornelia Hall. His co-observers were Drs. Michael Mumma, Geronimo Villanueva, and Sara Faggi from the NASA-Goddard Astrobiology Institute. They were the first group to observe Mars using a new infrared spectrograph, iSHELL, which was placed on the telescope in September.

Carol Shansky, DMA (Fine and Performing Arts), presented a concert celebrating Women's History Month on February 24. Dr. Shanksy, a flutist, was joined by guest artists Dr. Hannah Park (Fine and Performing Arts, dance), Jim Millar on piano and Seth Himmelhoch on guitar. All of the works were by women composers and the concert was sponsored by the Council on the Arts and the Fine and Performing Arts Department.

Christina Andruk, Ph.D. (Biology), received a grant from the Bronx River Parkway Reservation Conservancy to study the Incised Fumewort, Corydalis incisa. Incised Fumewort is an invasive exotic plant that has recently spread in the Bronx and Westchester County. Little is known about this plant's life history traits and potential to invade new habitats. The grant will permit Dr. Andruk to study the plant's biology and map its current distribution so that effective management strategies can be developed to control the spread of Incised Fumewort in our region.

Jennifer T. Kaalund, Ph.D., and Teresa Delgado, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), were selected as two of 100 contributors to "American Values, Religious Voices: 100 Days 100 Letters," a national nonpartisan campaign that brings together scholars from a diverse range of religious traditions to articulate core American values that have grounded our nation in the past and should guide us forward at this time of transition. For the first 100 days of the new administration, the campaign will send a one-page letter to President Trump, Vice President Pence, Cabinet Secretaries, and Members of the House and Senate, offering insight and inspiration drawn from the collective wisdom of our faith communities and their sacred texts.

Cathryn Lavery, Ph.D., and David T. Mulcahy, MA (Criminal Justice, Sociology), presented, on January 30, at The American Association of Behavioral & Social Sciences International Conference, which is an interdisciplinary conference that brings scholars together to present their scholarship which is related to a wide variety of contexts – theory, empirical research and conceptual advancement. Presenters undergo peer-review prior to acceptance, as well as for their top tier publication, Journal of Behavioral & Social Sciences. Dr. Lavery and Professor Mulcahy were accepted for their upcoming article, The Resocialization of Radicalization of Fundamental Terrorists: Key Highlights & Concerns for Law Enforcement Practitioners, which evaluates deprogramming initiatives internationally of terrorists, as well as current U.S. efforts; and their effectiveness in combating radicalization. Dr. Lavery and Prof. Mulcahy were notified that their presentation earned high evaluation marks on their topic, its relevance, their knowledge-base and the execution of their presentation. This was the first time the Criminal Justice and Sociology Department was represented at the conference.

Lily Rubino (adjunct, Scientific and Technological Literacy), had her abstract "Indicator Efficacy: Anthropological Approaches to Evaluating Household Water Access in the Colombian Amazon" accepted by the Society for Applied Anthropology Conference, which took place in March in Santa Fe. 

Jeffrey Alstete, Ed.D. (Management and Business Administration), has presented updates to the Business Capstone Course Simulation for 2017: Wearable Cameras and Copter Drones. After successfully using the GLO-BUS competitive online business simulation for the past 12 years, where Iona teams frequently earned top 100 rankings internationally, the game has been updated for spring 2017. Senior business students will participate in capstone course sections of BUS470-Business Policy and Strategy, taught by Professor Alstete. In the new GLO-BUS, student-led teams run companies that are in a neck-and-neck race for global market leadership in two product categories: 1) wearable video cameras and 2) sophisticated camera-equipped copter drones. The companies compete in a global market arena, selling to buyers in four geographic regions. Co-managers of each company are responsible for assessing market and competitive conditions in the two product categories, determining how to respond to the actions of competitors, forging a long-term direction and strategy for their company, and making decisions relating to the design and performance of the company's two products, assembly operations and workforce compensation, pricing and marketing, corporate social responsibility and citizenship, and the financing of company operations.

Elena Procario-Foley, Ph.D. (Religious Studies and Driscoll Professor of Jewish-Catholic Studies), was invited to participate in one of the few memorials to Holocaust Survivor and 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel authorized by his family. Procario-Foley read a short portion of Wiesel's book Night at the memorial event presented by The Museum of Jewish Heritage-A Living Memorial to the Holocaust and National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene on January 29. In a continuous five-hour event, world, national and local leaders, artists, writers, performers, academics and heads of cultural institutions read aloud the famous memoir. The Museum of Jewish Heritage expected 1,000 people to be in attendance at the museum and the reading was live-streamed to viewers around the world.

Benjamin Gaines, Ph.D. (Mathematics), presented a paper on "The Practicality of Writing Prompts in Freshman-Level Math Courses" at the annual Joint Mathematics Meeting, in Atlanta in January. He also co-organized a session on "How to Successfully Enhance Cultural Diversity in the Mathematics Classroom and Beyond."

Robert Lacey, Ph.D. (Political Science), published his second book, Pragmatic Conservatism: Edmund Burke and His American Heirs, for which he was interviewed on the New Books in Political Science podcast. He also published a chapter titled "Elihu Root: Balancing Constitutionalism and Democracy" in Lonce H. Bailey and Jerome M. Mileur, eds., In Defense of the Founders Republic: Critics of Direct Democracy in the Progressive Era (New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2015).

Sunghee Lee, Ph.D., (Board of Trustees Endowed Professor and chair of Chemistry), published a paper titled "Enthalpic Effects of Chain Length and Unsaturation on Water Permeability Across Droplet Bilayers of Homologous Monoglycerides" in Langmuir, a publication of the American Chemical Society. The paper is coauthored by three Iona undergraduates, Maria Lopez '17, biochemistry; Sue Ellen Evanglista '17, chemistry; and Melissa Morales '16, chemistry. In this paper, a deeper understanding of unassisted passive transport of water permeation across lipid membranes was attained by studies using a droplet interface bilayer (DIB) formed by the contact of two aqueous droplets in an immiscible solvent containing bilayer-forming surfactant. Both permeability values and activation energies have been extracted for water transport across a lipid bilayer formed of a homologous series of lipids, allowing to make ready comparisons between the different lipids and potentially better elucidate the contributions that molecular motifs make to the permeation process

George V. Privolos, Ph.D. (Marketing & International Business), chaired a session on leadership and gender and presented the paper "Developing an Integrated Analytical Framework for Nation Branding: Targeting International Tourists vs. International Investors" at the 10th Annual International Conference on Global Studies sponsored by the Athens Institute for Education & Research (ATINER), in December 2016 in Athens, Greece.

From Winter 2017 Iona College Magazine

Jeffrey W. Alstete, Ed.D., '87MBA, '90MS (Management/Business Administration), wrote a book review of "The Politics of Performance Funding for Higher Education: Origins, Discontinuations, and Transformations" by Kevin J. Dougherty and Rebecca S. Nato, that was published in Comparative Education Review, the University of Chicago Press Journals.

Mitchell Bard, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), was elected teaching chair of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Political Communications Interest Group, the largest interest group of AEJMC. His responsibilities will include putting together teaching-related panels for the conference next year. He also authored the article "The Role of Differing Host Styles in Fox News' Prime-Time Coverage of Health Care Reform in August 2009" published in Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly. Additionally, he presented an article, "Even a Celebrity Journalist Can't Have an Opinion: Post-Millennials' Recognition and Evaluation of Journalists and News Brands on Twitter," at the AEJMC national conference in August.

George L. DeFeis, DPS and Donald Grunewald, DBA (Management/Business Administration), have published a paper, "International Trade Theory of Hyper-Globalization and Hyper-Information Flow Conceived," in the International Journal of Business & Applied Sciences, Volume 5, Number 1. DeFeis was also appointed to the board of directors of the Business and Applied Sciences Academy of North America (BAASANA), an interdisciplinary, not-for-profit, professional association of business, sciences and technology.

Teresa Delgado, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), presented a paper at the Catholic Theological Society of America annual convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico, along with a panel of Puerto Rican theologians, titled, "Theological Voices of Puerto Rico: A People, an Island, Their Hopes and Their Challenge.” She was also elected to the Board of Trustees of Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y. for a three year term (2016-2019), and was featured in a newly released book, Catholic Women Confront Their Church: Stories of Hurt and Hope, by award-winning journalist and non-fiction author Celia Viggo Wexler.

Ben S. Kwiatkowski, Ph.D. (Scientific and Technological Literary), presented a poster along with a discussion on the topic "A Possible Ephemeral Shoaling of the Central American Seaway During the Late Miocene (12.0 - 9.5 Ma)? High Resolution Stable Isotopic Evidence from ODP Site 1000" at the Geological Society of America meeting in Albany this past spring.

Cathryn Lavery, Ph.D. (Criminal Justice), has her article "Understandings about Animal Cruelty: Why Animal Abuse Is a Critical Concern for Law Enforcement Practitioners and Promising Antidotes to Youth Violence" published in the journal The Lantham Letter.

Malissa A. Scheuring Leipold, Ed.D. (Education), presented to the leadership of Iona Preparatory School in August on the topic "Emerging and Future Trends in K-12 Education and Effective School Leadership."

Timothy S. Lyle, Ph.D. (English), had his article, "'Still Playin Wid Dem Barbie Dolls? Never Mind, Don't Answer That': Tyler Perry's Stage as a Lonely Place for Black Queers," published in Continuum: The Journal of African Diaspora Drama, Theatre and Performance.

Thomas E. Mussio, Ph.D. (Foreign Languages), published his article "Calvino's Concrete Imagination and His Manipulation of His Source Texts in Fiabe Italiane" in Rivista di Studi Italiani.

Kim Paffenroth, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), and Ivy Linton Stabell, Ph.D. (English), presented "Mentoring Undergraduate Research in an Honors Program" at a conference on "Excellent Practices in Mentoring Undergraduate Research" at Elon University in July. Additionally, Dr. Paffenroth published a review of the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival's performance of Macbeth in the Shakespeare Newsletter.

George V. Priovolos, Ph.D. (Marketing/International Business), chaired a session on business and economics, and presented the paper "Towards An Integrated, Proactive, Model of Corruption Risk Management for the Direct Selling Industry in Emerging Markets," at the 2016 International Conference for Academic Disciplines in Italy this summer. He also presented the paper "When Eating a Salad May Not be Good For You: Dole Corporation and Listeria Contamination," co-authored with Vincent F. Maher, JD (Management/Business Administration/Health Care Management), at the 2016 International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference of the Academic Organization for Advancement of Strategic and International Studies (AOASIS) in Athens.  

Joseph Stabile, Ph.D. (Biology), had his article "Microsatellite DNA Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Population Structuring of Phragmites Australis Along the Hudson River Estuary" published in the journal Biological Invasions.

Jeanne Zaino, Ph.D. (Political Science), gave the keynote address at an international conference sponsored by the University of Oslo in the Norwegian National Gallery this week. The focus of the conference was social media and election campaigns. She was also was recognized by the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce as a Woman of Excellence, along with several other local leaders in September.


Fall 2016

Marcus Aldredge, Ph.D. (Criminal Justice and Sociology), published a new paperback edition of his book Singer-Songwriters and Musical Open Mics with the publisher Routledge in November.

Jack Breslin, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), presented his paper "Publicity Stunt or Legitimate News?: Press Coverage of Nelly Bly's Race Around the World" at the Symposium on the 19th Century Press, the Civil War and Free Expression, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, his 13th paper presented at this prestigious annual national journalism history conference. He also attended the two-day Communications Law in the Digital Age 2016 seminar at the Practicing Law Institute in New York City.

Dennis Gunn, CFC, Ph.D. (Education and Religious Studies), was appointed archivist and historian for the Religious Education Association, whose archives are part of the Special Collections at Yale University Divinity Library.

David Carlyon, Ph.D. (Fine and Performing Arts), was awarded the Circus Historical Society's Stuart Thayer Prize for best book of the year for his work The Education of a Circus Clown: Mentors, Audiences, Mistakes.

James Carpenter, Ph.D. (Mathematics), gave three presentations during the summer and the fall semester. At a joint meeting of the mathematics teachers associations of New England, New Jersey and New York, held at Iona College in June, he presented "An Investigation of Linear Functions." At the summer meeting of the Mathematical Association of America, he presented "Exploring Triangular Numbers" in Columbus, Ohio, and he presented "The Idea of a Function" at the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State 66th Annual Meeting and Conference in Rye, N.Y., in November.

Ross Greenburg, Executive in Residence (School of Business), produced and directed "Running for his Life," a documentary on former star running back Lawrence Phillips. The film premiered on Showtime on December 16. 

Cathryn F. Lavery, Ph.D. (Criminal Justice and Sociology), was accepted and appointed as an affiliate Board Member for the International Association of Forensic Criminologists.

George V. Priovolos, Ph.D. (Marketing & International Business), chaired a session on Marketing & Management Information Systems and presented a paper titled "Successful Nation Branding: Know Who You Are and What You Want" at the Fall 2016 Conference of the Academy of Business Research (ABR) in San Antonio, Texas.

Aaron Rosenfeld, Ph.D. (English) was the 2016 Faculty Development Grant recipient. Dr. Rosenfeld's proposal aspires to build upon his previous work to strengthen student writing across the curriculum.

Carol Shansky, DMA (Fine and Performing Arts) was elected as Board Member for Musicology for the College Music Society, Northeast Regional Chapter. She is responsible for providing guidance in her subject area in chapter activities and conferences.

Carol Shansky, DMA and Hannah Park, Ph.D. (Fine and Performing Arts Department), traveled to Salzburg, Austria, in November to present the findings of their research on the role and interactions between musician/performer and dancer/choreographer. This research project explored the roles of both artists and the ways that this investigation can enhance both artistry and pedagogy. In addition to their presentation, the two led a workshop to provide a hands-on experience for the attendees.

James Stillwaggon, Ph.D. (Philosophy), recently published a co-edited volume in Teachers College Record on Robert McClintock's concept of formal justice. His own contribution to this collection is a critique of distributive ideals in American educational thought.

Kara Naidoo, Ph.D. (Education), published an article, "Candidates Use a New Teacher Development Process, Transformative Reflection, to Identify and Address Teaching and Learning Problems in Their Work with Children," in the Journal of Teacher Education November/December 2016.

James Stillwaggon, Ph.D. (Philosophy), was interviewed on the Bill Newman Show about his book Filmed School: Desire, Transgression and the Filmic Fantasy of Pedagogy (Routledge 2016).

Nadine Cosby and Natalie Redcross, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), along with Tommy Van Cleave, Ph.D. (director for Academic Civic & Global Engagement), were selected to present their panel on "An Interdisciplinary Service-Learning Collaboration: Students Take on a Community Partner to Learn Through Service and Give Back to the Community." Their panel was presented at the Black Doctoral Network annual conference in Atlanta on October 28.

Br. Dennis Gunn, Ph.D., '93 (Education), presented a paper titled "Teaching for Cosmopolis: Bernard Lonergan's Hopeful Vision for Education in a Globalized World" at the Religious Education Association Annual Meeting in November.

Thomas Donnarumma (Fine and Performing Arts) directed the Iona College Theatre Ensemble in Émile Zola's Thérèse Raquin, November 17-20.

Research by Paolina Centonze, Ph.D. (Computer Science), was accepted by ACSAC (Annual Computer Security Applications Conference), one of the top international cyber security gatherings.

From Summer 2016 Iona College Magazine

Jeffrey W. Alstete, Ed.D., ‘87MBA, ‘90MS and Nicholas J. Beutell, Ph.D. (Management/Business Administration), published a journal article, “Balancing Instructional Techniques and Delivery Formats in Capstone Business Strategy Courses,” in Quality Assurance in Education. Both also presented a research paper, “Is Self-employment a Viable Work-Family Strategy for Married Women?” at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Eastern Academy of Management in May.

George Bournoutian, Ph.D. (History), has published his second volume on Iranian Heritage in the Caucasus and Central: “The 1829-1832 Russian Surveys of the Khanate of Nakhichevan [Nakhjavan]: A Primary Source on the Demography and Economy of an Iranian Province prior to its Annexation to Russia” (Asia Mazda Academic Press).

Nadine Barnett Cosby, MS (Mass Communication), attended the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Commu­nication Midwinter Conference at the University of Oklahoma in February, where she presented two papers: “Finding God on a Deserted Island: An Analysis of the Religious Rhetoric in the TV Series LOST,” which won the Top Paper Award in the Entertainment Studies Divi­sion; and “Media, Race and Social Influence: Television Portrayals of Race and Viewer Perceptions of Black Women,” which was present­ed in the Minorities & Communica­tion Division. She also presented a paper in the Multicultural Division session at the Broadcast Education Association’s national convention in April.

Anna Clark, Ph.D. (English), orga­nized and chaired a special session at the January 2016 Modern Lan­guage Association Convention in Austin, Texas. Her panel, “Beyond Round and Flat: the History and Form of Victorian Character,” show­cased her research on theatrical character along with recent work by other scholars of Victorian liter­ature and narrative theory.

Scott Cleary, Ph.D. (English & In­stitute for Thomas Paine Studies), and Ivy Stabell, Ph.D. (English), are co-editors of a new book, New Di­rections in Thomas Paine Studies, published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Mike Damergis, '89, '06MS (Mass Communica­tion), produced an exclusive inter­view with Dallas Mavericks owner & media mogul Mark Cuban for the Fantasy Sports Network.

Kathleen Deignan, CND, Ph.D. (Religious Studies/Iona Spirituality Institute), recently presented her work on the Thomas Merton’s ecological legacy for the Diocese of Reno, Nev., during its annual convention. Deignan also offered a benefit concert of her original music for Pax Christi Metro in NYC to conclude the Centennial Celebration of the birth of Thomas Merton.

Teresa Delgado, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), presented a lecture, “Be­yond Procreativity: Reconsidering Catholic Sexual Ethics in the 21st Century,” as part of Saint Francis University’s School of Arts & Let­ters Visiting Scholar/Artist-in-Res­idence Program in March. Also, her essay “A Word” was published in the collection Soul Sisters: Devo­tions for and from African Ameri­can, Latina, and Asian Women.

William S. Egelman, Ph.D. (Sociology), published an article, “Italian Americans: The Move to Suburbia,” in the book, What is Italian America?

Terrence Gavin, Ph.D. (Chemistry), recently gave a seminar, “Us­ing HSAB Parameters to Predict Toxicity for 100 Chemicals,” to the Neurotoxicology Branch of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Durham, N.C.

Dennis Gunn, CFC, Ph.D., ’93 (Education & Religious Studies), presented a paper, “Catechesis of Rupture or Renewal? Religious Ed­ucation in the Archdiocese of New York in the Wake of Vatican II,” at the American Catholic Historical Association Annual Meeting in January.

Eric Hamerman, Ph.D. (Market­ing and International Business), published an article, “Cooking and Disgust Sensitivity Influence Pref­erence for Attending Insect-based Food Events,” in the international journal Appetite.

Sheila Kriemelman, MS (Fine & Performing Arts), exhibited work in the National Association of Women Artists’ 126th Annual Exhibition, at the Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery, and in the New York Society of Women Artists, The Heart - The Center of Life, at Weill Cornell Medical College. She also exhibited work from her Dachau 1933-1945 project in The World Knew: Jan Karski’s Mission For Humanity, in Iona College’s Brother Kenneth Chapman Gallery.

Sunghee Lee, Ph.D. (Chemistry), presented an oral seminar, “Fundamental Studies of Osmotic Transport Across the Droplet Lipid Membrane: Lipid Structure, Asymmetry and Cholesterol,” at the International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies in Honolulu in December 2015.

Dorothy Leone, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (Speech Communication), recently published an article, “Vowel Intelligibility in Children with and without Dysarthria: An Exploratory Study,” along with several colleagues in Communication Disorders Quarterly.

Timothy S. Lyle, Ph.D. (English), published an article, “In the Life and In the Spirit: Homoerotic Spir­ituality in African American Liter­ature: A Review,” in the September 2015 College Language Association Journal.

Chrissy M. Martins, Ph.D. (Market­ing), published an article based on her dissertation work, titled “Can Handwashing Influence Hedonic Food Consumption?” in Psychology & Marketing.

Thomas E Mussio, Ph.D. (Italian), published an article, “Amata’s Wrath: Dante’s Reading of the Bat­tle for Latium,” in Italian Studies. His review of Gregory Murry’s book The Medicean Succession: Monarchy and Sacral Politics in Duke Cosimo dei Medici’s Florence, appears online in Forum Italicum: A Journal of Italian Studies.

Kim Paffenroth, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), gave the keynote address, “I Want to Know What Love Is: Hell­ish and Heavenly Loves from Dante to The Walking Dead,” at the 2016 Humanities Festival at the Univer­sity of Rhode Island in April.

Carol Shansky, Ph.D. (Fine & Per­forming Arts), had two study score prefaces published by Repertoire Explorer, a music publisher in Germany. The prefaces are author­itative guides to pieces by d’Indy and Graener. Also, her book “The Hebrew Orphan Asylum Band of New York City, 1874-1941: Commu­nity, Culture and Opportunity” was published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Laura Shea, Ph.D. (English), pub­lished an essay, “Give My Regards...: A Touch of the Poet on Broadway,” in the Eugene O’Neill Review.

Joseph Stabile, Ph.D. (Biology), gave an invited seminar, titled “Population Genetics and Suscepti­bility Studies,” to graduate students in New York University’s Genetic Susceptibility and Toxicogenomics course. The seminar focused on populations susceptible to diseases such as breast cancer and arsenic poisoning.

Marlin Thomas, M.Phil. (Samuel Rudin Academic Resource Center), had his 10-minute play, “I Never Heard Such Silence,” performed during the Take Ten Festival at the 13th Street Repertory Theater in NYC this spring.

Ronald R. Yager, Ph.D. (Information Systems/Machine Intelligence Institute), published several journal articles in the IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 23; was a co-author on the published edited volume, ”Innovative Issues in Intelligent Systems”; and published articles in On Logical, Algebraic and Probabilistic Aspects of Fuzzy Set Theory and Information Fusion 29.

From Winter 2016 Iona College Magazine

Mitchell Bard, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), had his article, “Propaganda, Persuasion or Journalism? Fox News’ Prime-Time Coverage of Health Care Reform in 2009 and 2014,” accepted for publication by Electronic News, the scholarly publication of the Electronic News division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
Nadine Barnett Cosby ’96MS and Natalie Redcross, Ph.D., ’91, ‘96MS (Mass Communication), successfully launched a speaker series at the College. Each Friday, a new industry professional shares their experience and stories about previous and current roles in various Mass Communication industries, including public relations, radio, television, media production and more.
Nicholas J. Beutell, Ph.D. and Jeffrey W. Alstete, Ed.D., ‘87MBA, ‘90MS (Management/Business Administration), co-authored a scholarly research journal article with a colleague from Rider University. The article, “Comparing Self-employment Aspirants with the Presently Self-employed,” was published in the Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship.
George Bournoutian, Ph.D. (History), has been appointed as chief editor of a new series, The Iranian Heritage in the Caucasus and Central Asia, at Mazda Academic Publishers. The first volume, The 1819 Russian Survey of the Khanate of Sheki, will be published in January 2016. The second volume, The 1828-1832 Russian Surveys of the Khanate of Nakhichevan, will appear in March 2016. The third volume, The 1820 Russian Survey of the Khanate of Shirvan, will be published in summer 2016. Additional volumes dealing with the Caucasus and Central Asia in the 17th-19th centuries will be part of the series.
Jack Breslin, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), was a moderator for two panels, “New Horizons in Media Ethics” and “Hot Topics: When the Tap Runs Dry: Covering the California Drought,” which he helped organize at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, 98th Annual Conference, in San Francisco, Calif.
David Carlyon, Ph.D. (Fine & Performing Arts), recently had his second book, The Education of a Circus Clown: Mentors, Audiences, Mistakes, published by Palgrave Macmillan. The book combines a memoir of his experience as a Ringling/Barnum clown and a scholarly exploration of learning the craft of
live comedy.
Paolina Centonze, Ph.D. (Computer Science), presented a peer-reviewed full-day Research Profession Tutorial at the 2015 Annual Computer Security Applications Conference in December. The Professional Research Tutorial was titled “Security and Privacy Analysis for Next Generation Malware.” Centonze also led a group of students to present Cyber Security awareness talks at Iona Preparatory High School, New
Rochelle High School, The Ursuline School and more.
Teresa Delgado, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), served as faculty for the Forum for Theological Exploration at the 2015 Christian Leadership Forum Doctoral Cohort in Dallas, Texas, and as faculty for the Hispanic Summer Program, teaching “Christian Social Ethics and Contemporary Movements for Justice,” at Emory University in June. Additionally, she served on the faculty for the Hispanic Theological Initiative Consortium Summer Workshop, facilitating three workshops for doctoral students and faculty, at Princeton Theological Seminary. Delgado also had an article, “Metaphor for Teaching: Good Teaching is Like Good Sex,” published in Teaching Theology & Religion, and a commentary, “Wading into Dangerous Waters,” in Power For: Feminism and Christ’s Self-Giving.
Anthony Kelso, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), had his article “Still Trapped in the U.S. Media’s Closet: Representations of Gender-Variant, Pre-Adolescent Youth” published in the August 2015 edition of the Journal of Homosexuality.
Kathleen Kristian, Ph.D. (Chemistry), published a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Chemical Education, titled “A Wiki-based Group Project in an Inorganic Chemistry Foundation Course.” The project received support from a 2012 Iona College CELTIC Excellence in Teaching award.
Cathryn F. Lavery, Ph.D. and David T. Mulcahy (Criminal Justice), presented at the 3rd Annual Consortium for Critical Reading, Writing & Thinking at Berkeley College in New York on October 23. Their presentation was titled “The Fusion Model: A Team Teaching Approach that Combines the Academic & Pracademic in the Criminal Justice Classroom.”
Sunghee Lee, Ph.D. (Chemistry), delivered an invited talk at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Future Chemistry Faculty Program, on the topic of “Project Symphony: Bringing Undergraduate Research to a Crescendo.” She also accompanied 14 of her mentees who presented their research at the 250th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston.
Joshua K. Leon, Ph.D. (Political Science/International Relations), published an article in Metropolis, titled “What We Really Mean When We Talk About Urban Crowding.”
Jeanne Matich-Maroney, Ph.D. (Social Work), was appointed to the CSWE National Council on Disability and Persons with Disabilities. She was also juried to co-present the webinar, “Promoting Equality & Social Justice for Social Work Students with Psychiatric Disabilities through the use of Universal Instructional Design,” for CSWE’s new Learning Academy series, Teaching for Social Justice.
Robert Novak, CFC, Ph.D., ’72 (Physics), presented a paper at the 2015 Astrobiology Science Conference in Chicago titled “Diurnal Mapping of the O2 singlet-Delta Emission near Mars’ Aphelion using Ground Based High-Resolution Spectroscopy.” The paper was co-authored by Drs. Michael Mumma and Geronimo Villanueva from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Br. Novak was also a co-author on the published papers “Detections and Sensitive Upper Limits for Methane and Related Trace Gases on Mars During 2003-2014” by Mumma, and “The Evolution of the Water Reservoirs on Mars Revealed via D/H Isotopic Mapping” by Villanueva. Additionally, he co-authored an article, “Unique Spectroscopy and Imaging of Mars with JWST,” as an e-article through Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
George V. Priovolos, Ph.D. (Marketing/International Business), chaired a session on education and marketing at the Academy of Business Research (ABR) Fall Conference November 10-12 in Boca Raton, Fla. The session was sponsored by Cabell’s Publishing. Additionally, he presented his paper, “Inside the Mind of VW’s Martin Winterkorn – A Case Study of Damage Control Gone Wrong,” at the conference.
Carol Shansky, DMA (Fine & Performing Arts), authored a study score preface to “Concerto in G Major for Flute and Orchestra” by Antonio Rosetti. Dr. Shansky’s preface is included in all print publications of the score, both in English and German, and is available online as well.
Joseph Stabile, Ph.D. (Biology), gave a presentation titled “Assessment of Spatial and Temporal Population Structuring of Phragmites Australis Along the Hudson River Estuary using Microsatellite DNA Analysis” at the Society of Wetland Scientists annual meeting. Alumni, Daniel Lipus ’12 and Michele Maltz ’04, were co-authors on the presentation.

Rachana Rao Umashankar, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), delivered an invited presentation titled “Qawwali – The Soundtrack to Indian Pluralism” at the Institute for Religion, Culture, & Public Life at Columbia University. The presentation was part of the conference, “Sufism in India and Pakistan: Rethinking Islam, Democracy, and Identity.”
Ronald R. Yager, Ph.D. (Information Systems/Machine Intelligence Institute), published a journal article titled “Firing Fuzzy Rules with Measure Type Inputs” in the IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 23. An additional article, co-authored with Radko Mesiar, Slovak University of Technology, “On the Transformation of Fuzzy Measures to the Power Set and its Role in Determining the Measure of a Measure,” was published in the same transactions.