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Faculty Accomplishments

From Winter 2017 Iona College Magazine

Jeffrey W. Alstete, Ed.D., '87MBA, '90MS (Management/Business Administration), wrote a book review of "The Politics of Performance Funding for Higher Education: Origins, Discontinuations, and Transformations" by Kevin J. Dougherty and Rebecca S. Nato, that was published in Comparative Education Review, the University of Chicago Press Journals.

Mitchell Bard, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), was elected teaching chair of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Political Communications Interest Group, the largest interest group of AEJMC. His responsibilities will include putting together teaching-related panels for the conference next year. He also authored the article "The Role of Differing Host Styles in Fox News' Prime-Time Coverage of Health Care Reform in August 2009" published in Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly. Additionally, he presented an article, "Even a Celebrity Journalist Can't Have an Opinion: Post-Millennials' Recognition and Evaluation of Journalists and News Brands on Twitter," at the AEJMC national conference in August.

George L. DeFeis, DPS and Donald Grunewald, DBA (Management/Business Administration), have published a paper, "International Trade Theory of Hyper-Globalization and Hyper-Information Flow Conceived," in the International Journal of Business & Applied Sciences, Volume 5, Number 1. DeFeis was also appointed to the board of directors of the Business and Applied Sciences Academy of North America (BAASANA), an interdisciplinary, not-for-profit, professional association of business, sciences and technology.

Teresa Delgado, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), presented a paper at the Catholic Theological Society of America annual convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico, along with a panel of Puerto Rican theologians, titled, "Theological Voices of Puerto Rico: A People, an Island, Their Hopes and Their Challenge.” She was also elected to the Board of Trustees of Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y. for a three year term (2016-2019), and was featured in a newly released book, Catholic Women Confront Their Church: Stories of Hurt and Hope, by award-winning journalist and non-fiction author Celia Viggo Wexler.

Ben S. Kwiatkowski, Ph.D. (Scientific and Technological Literary), presented a poster along with a discussion on the topic "A Possible Ephemeral Shoaling of the Central American Seaway During the Late Miocene (12.0 - 9.5 Ma)? High Resolution Stable Isotopic Evidence from ODP Site 1000" at the Geological Society of America meeting in Albany this past spring.

Cathryn Lavery, Ph.D. (Criminal Justice), has her article "Understandings about Animal Cruelty: Why Animal Abuse Is a Critical Concern for Law Enforcement Practitioners and Promising Antidotes to Youth Violence" published in the journal The Lantham Letter.

Malissa A. Scheuring Leipold, Ed.D. (Education), presented to the leadership of Iona Preparatory School in August on the topic "Emerging and Future Trends in K-12 Education and Effective School Leadership."

Timothy S. Lyle, Ph.D. (English), had his article, "'Still Playin Wid Dem Barbie Dolls? Never Mind, Don't Answer That': Tyler Perry's Stage as a Lonely Place for Black Queers," published in Continuum: The Journal of African Diaspora Drama, Theatre and Performance.

Thomas E. Mussio, Ph.D. (Foreign Languages), published his article "Calvino's Concrete Imagination and His Manipulation of His Source Texts in Fiabe Italiane" in Rivista di Studi Italiani.

Kim Paffenroth, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), and Ivy Linton Stabell, Ph.D. (English), presented "Mentoring Undergraduate Research in an Honors Program" at a conference on "Excellent Practices in Mentoring Undergraduate Research" at Elon University in July. Additionally, Dr. Paffenroth published a review of the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival's performance of Macbeth in the Shakespeare Newsletter.

George V. Priovolos, Ph.D. (Marketing/International Business), chaired a session on business and economics, and presented the paper "Towards An Integrated, Proactive, Model of Corruption Risk Management for the Direct Selling Industry in Emerging Markets," at the 2016 International Conference for Academic Disciplines in Italy this summer. He also presented the paper "When Eating a Salad May Not be Good For You: Dole Corporation and Listeria Contamination," co-authored with Vincent F. Maher, JD (Management/Business Administration/Health Care Management), at the 2016 International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference of the Academic Organization for Advancement of Strategic and International Studies (AOASIS) in Athens.  

Joseph Stabile, Ph.D. (Biology), had his article "Microsatellite DNA Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Population Structuring of Phragmites Australis Along the Hudson River Estuary" published in the journal Biological Invasions.

Jeanne Zaino, Ph.D. (Political Science), gave the keynote address at an international conference sponsored by the University of Oslo in the Norwegian National Gallery this week. The focus of the conference was social media and election campaigns. She was also was recognized by the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce as a Woman of Excellence, along with several other local leaders in September.

From Summer 2016 Iona College Magazine

Jeffrey W. Alstete, Ed.D., ‘87MBA, ‘90MS and Nicholas J. Beutell, Ph.D. (Management/Business Administration), published a journal article, “Balancing Instructional Techniques and Delivery Formats in Capstone Business Strategy Courses,” in Quality Assurance in Education. Both also presented a research paper, “Is Self-employment a Viable Work-Family Strategy for Married Women?” at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Eastern Academy of Management in May.

George Bournoutian, Ph.D. (History), has published his second volume on Iranian Heritage in the Caucasus and Central: “The 1829-1832 Russian Surveys of the Khanate of Nakhichevan [Nakhjavan]: A Primary Source on the Demography and Economy of an Iranian Province prior to its Annexation to Russia” (Asia Mazda Academic Press).

Nadine Barnett Cosby, MS (Mass Communication), attended the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Commu­nication Midwinter Conference at the University of Oklahoma in February, where she presented two papers: “Finding God on a Deserted Island: An Analysis of the Religious Rhetoric in the TV Series LOST,” which won the Top Paper Award in the Entertainment Studies Divi­sion; and “Media, Race and Social Influence: Television Portrayals of Race and Viewer Perceptions of Black Women,” which was present­ed in the Minorities & Communica­tion Division. She also presented a paper in the Multicultural Division session at the Broadcast Education Association’s national convention in April.

Anna Clark, Ph.D. (English), orga­nized and chaired a special session at the January 2016 Modern Lan­guage Association Convention in Austin, Texas. Her panel, “Beyond Round and Flat: the History and Form of Victorian Character,” show­cased her research on theatrical character along with recent work by other scholars of Victorian liter­ature and narrative theory.

Scott Cleary, Ph.D. (English & In­stitute for Thomas Paine Studies), and Ivy Stabell, Ph.D. (English), are co-editors of a new book, New Di­rections in Thomas Paine Studies, published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Mike Damergis, '89, '06MS (Mass Communica­tion), produced an exclusive inter­view with Dallas Mavericks owner & media mogul Mark Cuban for the Fantasy Sports Network.

Kathleen Deignan, CND, Ph.D. (Religious Studies/Iona Spirituality Institute), recently presented her work on the Thomas Merton’s ecological legacy for the Diocese of Reno, Nev., during its annual convention. Deignan also offered a benefit concert of her original music for Pax Christi Metro in NYC to conclude the Centennial Celebration of the birth of Thomas Merton.

Teresa Delgado, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), presented a lecture, “Be­yond Procreativity: Reconsidering Catholic Sexual Ethics in the 21st Century,” as part of Saint Francis University’s School of Arts & Let­ters Visiting Scholar/Artist-in-Res­idence Program in March. Also, her essay “A Word” was published in the collection Soul Sisters: Devo­tions for and from African Ameri­can, Latina, and Asian Women.

William S. Egelman, Ph.D. (Sociology), published an article, “Italian Americans: The Move to Suburbia,” in the book, What is Italian America?

Terrence Gavin, Ph.D. (Chemistry), recently gave a seminar, “Us­ing HSAB Parameters to Predict Toxicity for 100 Chemicals,” to the Neurotoxicology Branch of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Durham, N.C.

Dennis Gunn, CFC, Ph.D., ’93 (Education & Religious Studies), presented a paper, “Catechesis of Rupture or Renewal? Religious Ed­ucation in the Archdiocese of New York in the Wake of Vatican II,” at the American Catholic Historical Association Annual Meeting in January.

Eric Hamerman, Ph.D. (Market­ing and International Business), published an article, “Cooking and Disgust Sensitivity Influence Pref­erence for Attending Insect-based Food Events,” in the international journal Appetite.

Sheila Kriemelman, MS (Fine & Performing Arts), exhibited work in the National Association of Women Artists’ 126th Annual Exhibition, at the Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery, and in the New York Society of Women Artists, The Heart - The Center of Life, at Weill Cornell Medical College. She also exhibited work from her Dachau 1933-1945 project in The World Knew: Jan Karski’s Mission For Humanity, in Iona College’s Brother Kenneth Chapman Gallery.

Sunghee Lee, Ph.D. (Chemistry), presented an oral seminar, “Fundamental Studies of Osmotic Transport Across the Droplet Lipid Membrane: Lipid Structure, Asymmetry and Cholesterol,” at the International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies in Honolulu in December 2015.

Dorothy Leone, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (Speech Communication), recently published an article, “Vowel Intelligibility in Children with and without Dysarthria: An Exploratory Study,” along with several colleagues in Communication Disorders Quarterly.

Timothy S. Lyle, Ph.D. (English), published an article, “In the Life and In the Spirit: Homoerotic Spir­ituality in African American Liter­ature: A Review,” in the September 2015 College Language Association Journal.

Chrissy M. Martins, Ph.D. (Market­ing), published an article based on her dissertation work, titled “Can Handwashing Influence Hedonic Food Consumption?” in Psychology & Marketing.

Thomas E Mussio, Ph.D. (Italian), published an article, “Amata’s Wrath: Dante’s Reading of the Bat­tle for Latium,” in Italian Studies. His review of Gregory Murry’s book The Medicean Succession: Monarchy and Sacral Politics in Duke Cosimo dei Medici’s Florence, appears online in Forum Italicum: A Journal of Italian Studies.

Kim Paffenroth, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), gave the keynote address, “I Want to Know What Love Is: Hell­ish and Heavenly Loves from Dante to The Walking Dead,” at the 2016 Humanities Festival at the Univer­sity of Rhode Island in April.

Carol Shansky, Ph.D. (Fine & Per­forming Arts), had two study score prefaces published by Repertoire Explorer, a music publisher in Germany. The prefaces are author­itative guides to pieces by d’Indy and Graener. Also, her book “The Hebrew Orphan Asylum Band of New York City, 1874-1941: Commu­nity, Culture and Opportunity” was published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Laura Shea, Ph.D. (English), pub­lished an essay, “Give My Regards...: A Touch of the Poet on Broadway,” in the Eugene O’Neill Review.

Joseph Stabile, Ph.D. (Biology), gave an invited seminar, titled “Population Genetics and Suscepti­bility Studies,” to graduate students in New York University’s Genetic Susceptibility and Toxicogenomics course. The seminar focused on populations susceptible to diseases such as breast cancer and arsenic poisoning.

Marlin Thomas, M.Phil. (Samuel Rudin Academic Resource Center), had his 10-minute play, “I Never Heard Such Silence,” performed during the Take Ten Festival at the 13th Street Repertory Theater in NYC this spring.

Ronald R. Yager, Ph.D. (Information Systems/Machine Intelligence Institute), published several journal articles in the IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 23; was a co-author on the published edited volume, ”Innovative Issues in Intelligent Systems”; and published articles in On Logical, Algebraic and Probabilistic Aspects of Fuzzy Set Theory and Information Fusion 29.

From Winter 2016 Iona College Magazine

Mitchell Bard, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), had his article, “Propaganda, Persuasion or Journalism? Fox News’ Prime-Time Coverage of Health Care Reform in 2009 and 2014,” accepted for publication by Electronic News, the scholarly publication of the Electronic News division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
Nadine Barnett Cosby ’96MS and Natalie Redcross, Ph.D., ’91, ‘96MS (Mass Communication), successfully launched a speaker series at the College. Each Friday, a new industry professional shares their experience and stories about previous and current roles in various Mass Communication industries, including public relations, radio, television, media production and more.
Nicholas J. Beutell, Ph.D. and Jeffrey W. Alstete, Ed.D., ‘87MBA, ‘90MS (Management/Business Administration), co-authored a scholarly research journal article with a colleague from Rider University. The article, “Comparing Self-employment Aspirants with the Presently Self-employed,” was published in the Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship.
George Bournoutian, Ph.D. (History), has been appointed as chief editor of a new series, The Iranian Heritage in the Caucasus and Central Asia, at Mazda Academic Publishers. The first volume, The 1819 Russian Survey of the Khanate of Sheki, will be published in January 2016. The second volume, The 1828-1832 Russian Surveys of the Khanate of Nakhichevan, will appear in March 2016. The third volume, The 1820 Russian Survey of the Khanate of Shirvan, will be published in summer 2016. Additional volumes dealing with the Caucasus and Central Asia in the 17th-19th centuries will be part of the series.
Jack Breslin, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), was a moderator for two panels, “New Horizons in Media Ethics” and “Hot Topics: When the Tap Runs Dry: Covering the California Drought,” which he helped organize at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, 98th Annual Conference, in San Francisco, Calif.
David Carlyon, Ph.D. (Fine & Performing Arts), recently had his second book, The Education of a Circus Clown: Mentors, Audiences, Mistakes, published by Palgrave Macmillan. The book combines a memoir of his experience as a Ringling/Barnum clown and a scholarly exploration of learning the craft of
live comedy.
Paolina Centonze, Ph.D. (Computer Science), presented a peer-reviewed full-day Research Profession Tutorial at the 2015 Annual Computer Security Applications Conference in December. The Professional Research Tutorial was titled “Security and Privacy Analysis for Next Generation Malware.” Centonze also led a group of students to present Cyber Security awareness talks at Iona Preparatory High School, New
Rochelle High School, The Ursuline School and more.
Teresa Delgado, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), served as faculty for the Forum for Theological Exploration at the 2015 Christian Leadership Forum Doctoral Cohort in Dallas, Texas, and as faculty for the Hispanic Summer Program, teaching “Christian Social Ethics and Contemporary Movements for Justice,” at Emory University in June. Additionally, she served on the faculty for the Hispanic Theological Initiative Consortium Summer Workshop, facilitating three workshops for doctoral students and faculty, at Princeton Theological Seminary. Delgado also had an article, “Metaphor for Teaching: Good Teaching is Like Good Sex,” published in Teaching Theology & Religion, and a commentary, “Wading into Dangerous Waters,” in Power For: Feminism and Christ’s Self-Giving.
Anthony Kelso, Ph.D. (Mass Communication), had his article “Still Trapped in the U.S. Media’s Closet: Representations of Gender-Variant, Pre-Adolescent Youth” published in the August 2015 edition of the Journal of Homosexuality.
Kathleen Kristian, Ph.D. (Chemistry), published a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Chemical Education, titled “A Wiki-based Group Project in an Inorganic Chemistry Foundation Course.” The project received support from a 2012 Iona College CELTIC Excellence in Teaching award.
Cathryn F. Lavery, Ph.D. and David T. Mulcahy (Criminal Justice), presented at the 3rd Annual Consortium for Critical Reading, Writing & Thinking at Berkeley College in New York on October 23. Their presentation was titled “The Fusion Model: A Team Teaching Approach that Combines the Academic & Pracademic in the Criminal Justice Classroom.”
Sunghee Lee, Ph.D. (Chemistry), delivered an invited talk at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Future Chemistry Faculty Program, on the topic of “Project Symphony: Bringing Undergraduate Research to a Crescendo.” She also accompanied 14 of her mentees who presented their research at the 250th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston.
Joshua K. Leon, Ph.D. (Political Science/International Relations), published an article in Metropolis, titled “What We Really Mean When We Talk About Urban Crowding.”
Jeanne Matich-Maroney, Ph.D. (Social Work), was appointed to the CSWE National Council on Disability and Persons with Disabilities. She was also juried to co-present the webinar, “Promoting Equality & Social Justice for Social Work Students with Psychiatric Disabilities through the use of Universal Instructional Design,” for CSWE’s new Learning Academy series, Teaching for Social Justice.
Robert Novak, CFC, Ph.D., ’72 (Physics), presented a paper at the 2015 Astrobiology Science Conference in Chicago titled “Diurnal Mapping of the O2 singlet-Delta Emission near Mars’ Aphelion using Ground Based High-Resolution Spectroscopy.” The paper was co-authored by Drs. Michael Mumma and Geronimo Villanueva from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Br. Novak was also a co-author on the published papers “Detections and Sensitive Upper Limits for Methane and Related Trace Gases on Mars During 2003-2014” by Mumma, and “The Evolution of the Water Reservoirs on Mars Revealed via D/H Isotopic Mapping” by Villanueva. Additionally, he co-authored an article, “Unique Spectroscopy and Imaging of Mars with JWST,” as an e-article through Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
George V. Priovolos, Ph.D. (Marketing/International Business), chaired a session on education and marketing at the Academy of Business Research (ABR) Fall Conference November 10-12 in Boca Raton, Fla. The session was sponsored by Cabell’s Publishing. Additionally, he presented his paper, “Inside the Mind of VW’s Martin Winterkorn – A Case Study of Damage Control Gone Wrong,” at the conference.
Carol Shansky, DMA (Fine & Performing Arts), authored a study score preface to “Concerto in G Major for Flute and Orchestra” by Antonio Rosetti. Dr. Shansky’s preface is included in all print publications of the score, both in English and German, and is available online as well.
Joseph Stabile, Ph.D. (Biology), gave a presentation titled “Assessment of Spatial and Temporal Population Structuring of Phragmites Australis Along the Hudson River Estuary using Microsatellite DNA Analysis” at the Society of Wetland Scientists annual meeting. Alumni, Daniel Lipus ’12 and Michele Maltz ’04, were co-authors on the presentation.

Rachana Rao Umashankar, Ph.D. (Religious Studies), delivered an invited presentation titled “Qawwali – The Soundtrack to Indian Pluralism” at the Institute for Religion, Culture, & Public Life at Columbia University. The presentation was part of the conference, “Sufism in India and Pakistan: Rethinking Islam, Democracy, and Identity.”
Ronald R. Yager, Ph.D. (Information Systems/Machine Intelligence Institute), published a journal article titled “Firing Fuzzy Rules with Measure Type Inputs” in the IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 23. An additional article, co-authored with Radko Mesiar, Slovak University of Technology, “On the Transformation of Fuzzy Measures to the Power Set and its Role in Determining the Measure of a Measure,” was published in the same transactions.