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E-Commerce Certificate

The goal of the E-Commerce Certificate is to provide graduates with the ability to manage the process of developing and implementing an e-commerce system; capability to identify business opportunities and direct organizational change; awareness of the security, privacy and legal issues in conducting electronic commerce; understanding of the marketing issues in e-commerce; and familiarity with technical skills in the development of e-commerce websites.

Curriculum for the Certificate

Any five of the following advanced courses:

  • MNG 631 - E-Commerce Strategy
  • IS 684 - Internet Based Applications Development
  • BLW 640 - Legal Issues in E-Commerce
  • MKT 671 - Internet Marketing
  • IS 681 - Security and Privacy on the Internet
  • FIN 619 - E-Finance
  • BUS 691 - Special Topics in E-Commerce
  • BUS 692 DL - Planning, Implementing & Evaluating E-Learning Programs

Students who wish to simultaneously complete the certificate program within the MBA program can do so by integrating 12 credits of E-Commerce courses within their concentration and the breadth area.

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