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MS in Accounting and Information Systems


The Master of Science in Accounting and Information Systems degree is designed to prepare the next generation of accountants with the information technology foundation and skills needed to succeed in a variety of highly data-intensive careers.  Paralleling the global surge in the reliance upon information technology, the accounting industry has been revolutionized by the use of informatics.  Financial reporting, as well as other accounting functions, has become inextricably intertwined with the business systems that process, collect and distill data and transactions as they flow through a firm’s accounting systems.


Now, more than ever, the firms associated with the global financial centers in proximity to Iona seek graduates who have a solid understanding of both accounting and information systems. The course of study leading to this degree will provide the student with expanded career opportunities.

Plan of Study (45 credits)

MBA 520: Financial Accounting and Reporting
MBA 580: Information Systems
ACC 630: Federal Income Taxation
ACC 655: Accounting Research
IS 622: Risk Management Decision Technology
ACC 606: Auditing
IS 610: Analysis and Design of Information Systems
IS 620: Database Management
ACC 505: Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 510: Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 608: Cost Accounting
ACC 613: Advanced Financial Accounting
IS 616: Accounting Information Systems
IS 625: Audit and Control of Informatics
IS 626: Analytics of Strategic and Corporate Planning