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Eric Hamerman, PhD

Assistant Professor

PhD, Columbia University


Professor Hamerman’s research interests are in consumer behavior, specifically as it relates to the psychology of superstition, the emotion of disgust, variety seeking behavior, celebrity endorsements, volunteerism, and sustainable consumption. His publications have appeared in Journal of Consumer Research, as well as Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. He is currently serving on the editorial review board for Journal of Consumer Research.  Professor Hamerman also holds an MBA in marketing from UNC-Chapel Hill, and spent six years as a marketing manager for American Airlines.  He taught at Tulane University (in New Orleans) for five years prior to joining the faculty at Iona, where he teaches Principles of Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications.  

Selected Publications

Hamerman, Eric J. (2016). Implications of cooking and animal reminder disgust sensitivity for attending events that serve insect-based foods. Appetite, 96(1), 319-326.

Hamerman, Eric J., and Carey Morewedge (2015). "Reliance on Luck Identifying Which Achievement Goals Elicit Superstitious Behavior."  Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 41(3), 323-335.

Hamerman, Eric J., and Gita V. Johar (2013), "Conditioned Superstition: Desire for Control and Consumer Brand Preferences." Journal of Consumer Research, 40(3), 428-443.