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Vision, Mission and Core Values


The Iona College School of Business will continue to grow and attract diverse students, motivated to better their lives and the lives of other Ionian stakeholders through a quality business education vital for their future.


The Iona College School of Business strives to advance a state-of-the-art, innovative business education, encouraging intellectual inquiry and business community engagement with broad social responsibility and service-learning paramount for today’s times.

Core Values

The Iona College School of Business, guided by the respected values of our accrediting bodies, ultimately embraces the values of a student-centric and faculty-driven institution rooted in a religious tradition.

Thus, we embrace specific core values:
  • Character: Encourage high standards of personal and professional integrity in everything pursued.
  • Achievement: Stimulate academic excellence in learning delivered and scholarship attained by our students.
  • Recognition: Foster an organizational culture that supports, rewards and promotes high-quality research, innovation and engagement.
  • Ethics: Pursue business knowledge, truth, accountability and responsibility in the utmost ethical way.
  • Service: Promote “learning-by-doing” as the mantra for real-world success, achievement and accomplishment.
The Iona College School of Business is positioned to prepare our students for the challenges of the real world. In short, the School of Business CARES.