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Honors Virtual Writing Awards Ceremony

The plaque of award winners in the honors office. Each student’s name is added to the Br. Robert Durning Writing Awards plaque located in the Honors Program office.

Since 2015 the Iona College Honors program has been proud to award four Br. Robert Durning Writing Awards, one for each of the Honors Seminars, to deserving students. Each student’s name is added to the Br. Robert Durning Writing Awards plaque located in the Honors Program office. Additionally, their winning essays (as well as essays by select runners-up) are published in Bullitus, the Honors program journal.

2020 Honors Writing Award Winners

  1. Catherine DiProperzio, "Job and the Ancients"
    • Honors Seminar: HON101 - The Ancient World
  2. Angela Ennis, "The Functioning Pieces of the Whole Body”
    • Honors Seminar: HON102 - The Medieval World
  3. Robert Musial, “God the Father”
    • Honors Seminar: HON201 - The Modern World
  4. Mariela Barajas, “Making a Monster: How Society Shapes our Perceptions of the ‘Other’”
    • Honors Seminar: HON202 - The Contemporary World

Please watch the virtual awards ceremony featuring faculty, President Carey, and award winners below.

Congratulations to the 2020 Honors Writing Award Winners!

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