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Honors Privileges

Students in the Honors Program enjoy other significant privileges, which are geared toward creating an academic environment that supports their dedication to excellence. Privileges include:

  • Six Free Tuition Credits per Academic Year – These credits may be taken in the winter or summer sessions or as a sixth course during the fall and spring semesters. These free courses can facilitate double majors, accelerate graduation, or broaden the educational experience with no financial burden.
  • Priority Course Registration – The ability to register early ensures students the ability to receive their preferred courses.

  • American Express Grant Fund – Through the fund, students have the opportunity to apply for funding to support a wide range of academic pursuits.
  • Honors Mentoring Program – Every Honors freshman is paired with a volunteer peer mentor. The mentor makes a commitment to speak regularly with their mentee(s) over the course of the semesters, to offer advice and support.
  • Faculty Mentors – A new program for our incoming Honors students this fall, will be our faculty mentor program. Each Honors freshman will be assigned a faculty mentor (based on their academic interests), to help guide them academically in ways not directly related to choosing classes - e.g. helping students to present at conferences, connecting them to opportunities in their fields (at Iona and elsewhere), and starting them thinking about the thesis.

Honors students are also encouraged to apply for the prestigious scholarships and grants listed here.