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American Express Grant

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I.  American Express Grant Statement of Purpose

The American Express Grant is intended to provide funding for clearly defined projects or experiences that enrich students’ undergraduate curricula. A wide range of projects merit funding and the Honors Council welcomes students’ creativity in identifying issues, topics and endeavors that exist beyond the academic and programmatic boundaries of their college experience. Projects that receive funding should benefit the student, the College and specific community interests through their intellectual engagement with particular human problems and questions. 

The Honors Council reviews all applications for American Express Grants. Grants most likely to receive approval are those that make possible academic research, including the study of a humanitarian, artistic or spiritual pursuit that is outside the standard curricular and programmatic boundaries of the College. Each application should request funds to support only one endeavor, whether for research, conference attendance, supplies, transportation, etc.

II.  Honors Council Approval Guidelines

  1. As stated in the mission statement, grants are awarded to projects that have a clear academic or intellectual purpose. However, the Council recognizes that students may propose projects or experiences that are not solely academic in nature but which are nonetheless worthy of funding. All proposals are decided on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Applicants who have already received grants will be considered for a second grant; however, the amount they receive will depend in part on other proposals being reviewed at the same time.
  3. Application timeline: three deadlines per year: October 1, January 15, and April 1; $3,300 available for each.
  4. Applicants who are denied, or who receive less funding than they initially asked for, can reapply at the last deadline for additional funds.

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