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Honors Program Theses 2013

Education and Communication

"Teacher Receptivity to the Common Core State Standards"
Advisor: Paul Beaudin, Ph.D., Education

"The Literary Merit of ‘Young Adult’ Books and Their Uses in Middle and High School"
Advisor: Eileen Panetta, Ph.D., English

"The Technological and Social Skills of School-Aged Children"
Advisor: Dorothy Leone, Ph.D., Speech Communication


"Effect of Ionic Nature and Strength on Neutral Lipid Membranes"
Advisor: Sunghee Lee, Ph.D., Chemistry

"Characterization of Native and Model Proteins by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy"
Advisor: Sunghee Lee, Ph.D.,Chemistry

"Establishing Identity and Quality Testing Protocol for Botanicals Using FT-NIR-TLC Methods"
Advisor: Sunhgee Lee, Ph.D., Chemistry

"Specific Anion  Effect on Water Permeability through a Droplet Interface Bilayer Membrane"
Advisor: Sunghee Lee, Ph.D., Chemistry

"Stress Induced Bacterial Resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana"
Advisor: Yourha Kang, Ph.D., Biology

"Analysis of Genetic Variation within and among Populations of Phragmites australis along the Hudson River and Long Island Sound"
Advisor: Joseph Stabile, Ph.D., Biology

"The Effects of Interferon-beta on Oxidative Stress in Neurons"
Advisor:  Teresa D'Aversa, Ph.D., Biology

"Determination of the Phosphorylation Sites on the Formin Bni1p During the Mating Response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae"
Advisor: Eric Muller, Ph.D., Biology


"Japanese Antimilitarism"
Advisor:  Yasuhiro Makimura, Ph.D., History

"Ideology in Empire Consolidation: A Study of the Inca"
Advisor: Catherine Stratton, Ph.D., History

"Existential Shakespeare in Postmodern Love: An Analysis of Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet through Film and Text"
Advisor: Amy Stackhouse, Ph. D., English


"A Strategic Analysis of NCAA Conference Realignment Using The Miles & Snow Method"
Advisor: Nicholas Beutell, Ph.D., Management

"Economic Recovery and Current Conditions in Iceland and the Decision of European Union Accession"
Advisor: Eric Moscato, MBA, Finance, Business Economics and Legal Studies

"The Financial Security of Individuals in (and Approaching) Retirement and the Impact of the Great Recession on Their Financial Position"
Advisor: Eric Moscato, MBA, Finance, Business Economics and Legal Studies

"Managing a Sustainable Supply Chain: Principles, Practices and Profitability"
Advisor: Frederica Rudell, Ph.D., Marketing

"Social Activism through Consumerism: Consumer Perceptions of the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility"
Advisor: Susan Rozensher, Ph.D., Marketing

Social Sciences

"’You’ve Probably Never Heard of It’: The Presentation of Authenticity within the Indie Music Scene of Williamsburg Brooklyn"
Advisor:  Marcus Aldredge, Ph.D., Sociology

"The Use of Independent Commissions in the Redistricting Process"
Advisor: Robert Lacey, Ph.D, Political Science

"Consociational Democracy and Democratization in Deeply Divided Societies: The Case of Nigeria"
Advisor: Tricia Mulligan, Ph.D., Political Science

"An Analysis of the Effects of Federal Reserve Large Scale Asset Purchases 1 and 2 in Comparison to Traditional Monetary Policy Tools"
Advisor: Caitlin Greatrex, Ph.D., Economics

"Values Communicated in the Walt Disney Compay’s Animated Films"
Advisor: William Egelman, Ph.D., Sociology