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"An Analysis of the Effect of Weather-Related Events on Nitrites in the Water Treatment Process"
Advisor: Teresa D’Aversa, Biology
"Dopamine and Proline Induced Abnormalities in Zebrafish and Human Neuroblastoma Cells: Implications for the Pathogenesis of Schizophrenia"
Advisor: Teresa D’Aversa, Biology
"Toxicity of Copper to the Development of Danio rerio"
Advisor: Joseph Stabile, Biology
"Development of a Hybrid Analytical Technique Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Thin Layer Chromatography"
Advisor: Sunghee Lee, Chemistry
"Generation and Analysis of Glycine Polymorphs"
Advisor: Sunghee Lee, Chemistry
"Introducing a New Polarizable Model of Hydrogen for Molecular Dynamics Simulations"
Advisor: Thomas Castonguay, Chemistry
"Kinetic Monte Carlo for Hydrogen Storage System"
Advisor: Thomas Castonguay, Chemistry
"On the Use of Density Functional Theory (DFT) Methods for Describing the H2-H2 Potential Energy Landscape"
Advisor: Thomas Castonguay, Chemistry



"The Need for Transparency of the Federal Reserve"
Advisor: John Manley, Finance, Business Economics and Legal Studies
"How Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Impact the Financial Goal of Wealth Maximization for a Corporation"
Advisor: John Manley, Finance, Business Economics and Legal Studies
"The 1987 Stock Market Crash and 2007 Financial Crisis: A Comparison of the Causes, Effects, and Regulatory Response"
Advisor: Eleni Mariola, Finance, Business Economics and Legal Studies
"The Budget, National Debt and Need for Examining Major Tax Breaks: Eliminating Housing Related Deductions and Preserving Tax Incentives Associated with Retirement Savings"
Advisor: Eric Moscato, Finance, Business Economics and Legal Studies
"From FICO to VantageScore and Beyond: What Does the Future Hold for the Best Scoring Model as Applied to People with Thin Credit Files?"
Advisor: Eric Moscato, Finance, Business Economics and Legal Studies
"Factors Impacting the Pricing of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Crude Oil: Global Impacts on American Crude"
Advisor: Matthew Carey, Finance, Business Economics and Legal Studies
"The Systematic Flaws in Executive Compensation"
Advisor: Andrew Griffith, Accounting



"Waging Wars in The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Legend: Power Structures in Young Adult Dystopian Literature"
Advisor: Scott Cleary, English
"Satire in Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and The Onion"
Advisor: Scott Cleary, English
"Should We ‘Always Have Paris’?  The Harmful Effects of Idealized Relationships for Women"
Advisor: Scott Cleary, English
"Sinking Saints: Why Hurricane Katrina Preparation and Recovery in New Orleans Failed"
Advisor: Catherine Stratton, History
"W.B. Yeats's Poetry and His Nature Imagery in Relation to Humanity"
Advisor: John Mahon, English
"Disaster at Dieppe"                          
Advisor: Michael Hughes, History


Education & Communication

"Foreign Language Learning and Bilingualism: Their Implications in the Realm of Cognition and Academic Success"
Advisor: Manuel Gomez, Foreign Languages
"The Common Core State Standards and their Impact on Authentic Instruction"
Advisor: Ellen Small, Education
"Analyzing the Success of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program through Foucault’s concept of Discipline"
Advisor: James Stillwaggon, Education
"The Negative Effects that Increased Social Media and Technology Usage Have on Interpersonal Communication Skills, Stress Levels, and Relationships"
Advisor: Natalie Redcross, Mass Communication
"Lack of Letters to the Editor: Media Consumption Motivations and Interests of Today’s College Students and their Implications on the Future of News Media"
Advisor: Natalie Redcross, Mass Communication
"The Effects of Popularized Stereotypes on Jury Decision-Making"
Advisor: Colleen Jacobson, Psychology


Social Sciences

"Standardized Versus Naturalized: An Evaluation of Child Morphological and Syntactic Assessments"
Advisor: Dorothy Leone, Speech Communication Studies
"No Tears for the Dead: The Tragedy of Haiti and the Future of the Pearl of the Caribbean"       
Advisor: Tricia Mulligan, Political Science
"Native American Communities and Environmental Justice: Struggles, Solutions, and Future Directions"
Advisor: Tricia Mulligan, Political Science
"Quantitative, ToBI, and Perceptual Measures of Intonation"
Advisor: Alison Behrman, Speech Communication
"Consumer Buying Behavior and the Importance of Integration Between E-Commerce and Brick and Mortar Stores"
Advisor: Susan Rozensher, Marketing
"Ethical Dilemmas: A Mixed-Methodological Study on Ethical Shopping Beliefs and Actions of Undergraduate Students"
Advisor: Marcus Aldredge, Sociology
"An Analysis of Consumer Confidence Response to Federal Reserve Policy"
Advisor: Caitlin Greatrex, Economics


Gender Issues  

"A Display of Unmentionables: Reimagining the Performance of the Female Body in Post Third-Wave Feminist Art"
Advisor: James Stillwaggon, Education
"Looking through the lens: What Women in Broadcasting Perceive as Gender-specific Career Barriers"
Advisor: Thomas Callahan, Mass Communication
"Professional Athletes as Celebrity Endorsers: How Gender Impacts Consumer Perception and Purchase Intentions"
Advisor: Susan Rozensher, Marketing


Mathematics in Application

"The Quantification of Perception"
Advisor: William Gratzer, Mathematics

"Geometric and Algebraic Observations Pertaining to Fermat's Last Theorem"
Advisor: Srilal Krishnan, Mathematics
"To Investigate A Possible Relationship Between a Potential Higher Education Bubble Burst and the Housing Market Crash"
Advisor: Greg Selitto, Mathematics
"GSP per capita, Unemployment, and Crime in New York State"
Advisor: Greg Selitto, Mathematics