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Jasmin Bayla, "Nonprofit Response to Hurricane Katrina Versus Superstorm Sandy: A Comparative Analysis of Lessons Learned by the Nation's Most Trusted Disaster Relief Services"
Advisor: Jeffry Haber, Accounting
Ashley Bresnahan, “The Development, Regeneration, and Characterization of Zebrafish Myocardium after Treatment with Calcium Ionophore”
Advisor:  Teresa D’Aversa, Biology
Taylor Cembalisty, “The Transforming Corporate Governance Environment Pre- and Post- Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002”
Advisor: Eleni Mariola, Finance, Business Economics, and Legal Studies
Ryan DelMonaco, “Complexity vs. Formulation: An Exploration of Sports Scheduling through the Use of Graph Theory and Linear Programming”
Advisor: Srilal Krishnan, Mathematics
Erica Fellin, “Online Data Collection and Direct Marketing: Consumer’s Views on Personalization Versus Privacy Loss”
Advisor: Susan Rozensher, Marketing and International Business
Charlotte Ference, “The Consequence of Forgetting Chaucer: Harold Bloom’s Necessary Inclusion, and Unavoidable Omission”
Advisor: Christina Carlson, English
Devin Green, "Macrophage Activation: Toll-like Receptor Signaling in Sterile and Infected Wounds​"
Advisor: Teresa D’Aversa, Biology
Paul Heacock, The Anatomy of How Student Loan Debt Became the Second Largest Form of United States' Consumer Debt and the Accountability of Various Constituencies”
Advisor: Eric Moscato, Finance, Business Economics, and Legal Studies
Kerri-Leigh Heesemann, “Comparing the Effects of Explicit and Implicit Instructions on Perception of Intonation”
Advisor: Dorothy Leone, Speech Communication
Emily Johnson, “Perceptions of Stigma and the Lack of Confidentiality as Barriers in the Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders in the United States Army”
Advisor: Jacqueline Ripepi, Social Work
Nicholas Joslyn, “Ethical Standards at the Onset of a Hostile Takeover: Target vs. Raider”
Advisor:  Jeffry Haber, Accounting
Miranda Kriss, “’I open at the close.’ From the Sorcerer’s Stone to the Deathly Hallows, an Examination of Harry’s Heroic Development and the Importance of Choice”
Advisor: Amy Stackhouse, English
Savannah Lang, “Liberty and Justice for All: Creating American Public Policies to Protect the Queer Community”
Advisor: Catherine Stratton, History
Dakota Lasky, “Miyazaki Hayao and Post-World War II Japanese-American Relations: The Effects of American Occupation and Diplomacy Through Japanese Media”
Advisor: Kim Paffenroth, Religious Studies

Michelle Louie,”A Comprehensive Measure of Honesty: Use of Off-Shore Accounts and Reliability of Off-Shore Banking Centers”
Advisor: John Manley, Finance, Business Economics, and Legal Studies
Brigid McGlynn, “Gender Stereotypes in Common Core Based Elementary Reading Basals”
Advisor: Ivy Linton Stabell, English
Ariel May, "Ethics and the Other: Encountering the Irreducible in Foucault and Levinas"
Advisor: Michael Jordan, Philosophy
Mackenzie Mennucci,"Keeping Up with the Celebrities: Understanding Undergraduate Women's Perceptions of Potential Media Influence on Body Image"
Advisor: Natalie Redcross, Mass Communication
Margaret Moore, “The Experience of the Victorian Woman in Colonial South Africa”
Advisor: Catherine Stratton, History

Matthew Moran, “Examining the Driving Forces That Add Value to the Internship Experience: For College Students in the Field of Business”
Advisor: John Manley, Finance, Business Economics, and Legal Studies
Kaylynn Murchison, “Female Sexuality Portrayed in the Erotic Poems and Plays of Aphra Behn”
Advisor: Thomas Moretti, English
Natalie Murphy, “The Pitfalls of Social Media”
Advisor: Michael Jordan, Philosophy
Michelle Muzzio, “Advances of the Droplet Interface Bilayer (DIB): Modeling the Biological Membrane and Beyond”
Advisor: Sunghee Lee, Chemistry
Christina Raymond, “Congruence between Adolescent Substance Use and Parental Perceptions about Adolescent Substance Use”
Advisor: Jeanne Matich-Maroney, Social Work
Kaitlyn Richter, “The Adversity Index: Developing a Better Understanding of Poverty”
Advisor: Robert Jantzen, Economics

Omoakhe Tisor, “The Effect of Specific Anions and Chain Splay on Monoglyceride-Templated Crystallization" 
Advisor: Sunghee Lee, Chemistry

Alexandra Vinci, “Looking Towards the Next Generation of UN Peacekeeping: Maintaining Effective Peace Operations Within Multidimensional International Conflict”
Advisor: Tricia Mulligan, Political Science