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Honors Senior Theses 2016

Dana Andrea, "'The Value of a Safety Index for the Automobile Consumer"
Advisor: Robert Richardson, Information Systems
Andrea Ashcroft, "An Examination of Student Stress, Self-Esteem, Social Support, and Mindfulness"
Advisor: Colleen Jacobson, Psychology
Sara Bortz, "A Review of the Utilization of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae as a Model for Calcium Channels, Pumps, and Transporters"
Advisor: Eric Muller, Biology

Natalie Bowman, "Potential for Cash on Delivery Aid: An Ideological and Economic Approach to Foreign Aid and Development"
Advisor: Joshua Leon, Political Science
Kyle Brennan, "The Influence of Gender and Salience in Conviction Decisions"
Advisor: Brian Cesario, Psychology
Sean Campbell, "Examining the Effects of Women's Empowerment on Development Indicators"
Advisor: Bhaswati Sengupta, Economics
Colette Carlson, "Experiential Marketing Techniques: A Content Analysis"
Advisor: Chrissy Martins, Marketing
Nicole Gallagher, "Computing the Čech Cohomology of the n-sphere"
Advisor: Srilal Krishnan, Mathematics
Cassandra Gill, "Attitudes, Behavioral Intentions, and Actual Purchasing Patterns of GMOs Among Consumers"
Advisor: Chrissy Martins, Marketing
Samantha Greenidge, "The Čech Cohomology of a Genus-1 and Genus-2 Surface"
Advisor: Srilal Krishnan, Mathematics
Marie Kalb, "Masculinity and Status: On the Correlation Between Personality Traits, Motivation, and Career Choice in Undergraduate Students Majoring in Criminal Justice"
Advisor: Cathy Lavery, Criminal Justice
Ellen Kulangara, "The Veracity of the Statement of Functional Expenses on the Form 990"
Advisor: Jeffry Haber, Accounting
Daniel McGovern, "Bitcoin: Exploring the Viability of a Nationless Currency"
Advisor: Matthew Carey, Finance, Business Economics and Legal Studies
Thomas McNulty, "Long Live Life: The Trinitarian Geopolitics of James Joyce’s Ulysses"
Advisor: Hugh Short, English
Mary Ellen Mangione, "Ferritin and Its Emerging Applications in Nanomedicine"
Advisor: Joseph Ryan, Biochemistry
Jacqueline Martinez, "The Study of Electrolyte Effect on Phospholipid Membranes Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry"
Advisor: Sunghee Lee, Chemistry
Alyssa Messina, "An Explanation of How 9/11 Children’s Books are Helping Children Cope with Trauma Yet are Also Contributing to the Disappearance of Childhood"
Advisor: James Stillwaggon, Education
Peter Milianta, "Innovations In Biomimetic Membrane Formation: Water Permeability Examined Using The Asymmetric Droplet Interface Bilayer"
Advisor: Sunghee Lee, Chemistry
Matthew O’Hara, "The Effect of U.S. Presidential Elections on Stock Market Returns"
Advisor: Andrew Griffith, Accounting
Ricardo Oliveira, "Yeast Cell Glycolytic Synchronization by Alteration of Metabolite Concentrations"
Advisor: Sunghee Lee, Chemistry
Ian Sacks, "The Art of a Champion: How to Assemble a Winning Team in Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association"
Advisor: John Breslin, Mass Communication
Thomas Severin, "'Because This Cause is Just’: The United Nations and LGBT Rights"
Advisor: Tricia Mulligan, Political Science
Walter Squires, "A Deep Security Analysis of Mobile Applications"
Advisor: Paolina Centonze, Computer Science
Laura Waldron, "Analyzing Phenotypes of Different Calcium Signaling Mutants in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae"
Advisor: Eric Muller, Biology
Natalie Ziskin, "Perceived Attractiveness of Self and Others: Is it Linked to Money and Health?" 
Advisor: Colleen Jacobson, Psychology