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  1. What if I don't have an idea?
    • Think of a problem that needs to be solved and start brainstorming! Come to Co-working on Mondays and Thursdays for some guidance. You can also look into joining a team with an established idea and figure out how you can be a resource to the team.
  2. What is co-working?
    • Co-working is an informal opportunity to ask questions, work on your business idea, and bounce your idea off of the Hynes Institute Staff.
  3. I've never taken a business class. Will I be at a disadvantage?
    • Entrepreneurs are not only business students! Anyone who has an idea and passion can be successful in the Iona Innovation Challenge, and as an entrepreneur.
  4. How many students can be on a team?
    • As many as you want, but we suggest 3 people per team.
  5. Can non-Iona students be part of my team?
    • Yes! but they will not be able to register on the Startuptree platform.
  6. I've already started my business. Can I still participate?
    • Yes!