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  • Center for Financial Market Studies (CFMS) resources assist in selected faculty research projects. The CFMS Director continues working closely with a number of School of Business Finance Department faculty to use CFMS resources for academic research. Research projects involving equity returns after international mergers and acquisitions, equity price patterns, and fixed income volatility are ongoing and other faculty research projects will continue to use the CFMS resources.
  • Iona College Honors Program thesis research. All Iona College Honors Program students are required to complete a thesis in their senior year. The thesis is a substantial research project in an area of scholarship chosen by the student and completed with the guidance of a thesis advisor. Several School of Business students chose thesis topics for which the CFMS provided critical data and resources. For example, a student researching price patterns in the energy market, and a student considering the viability of Bitcoin as a currency made extensive use of data and analytical tools available on the Trading Floor.
  • Local high school Science Research Program. A Pelham Memorial High School student has benefitted from the CFMS resources and mentorship opportunities as he pursues his New York State Science Research project in economics. The student is investigating the impact of Governor Cuomo’s 2 percent property tax cap on the budgets of local municipalities.