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Deanne Algeo ’14MBA

Strategic Planning Analyst, Turner Broadcasting System

Deanne Algeo

What did Iona College’s SEM Business program and/or faculty mean to you?
Iona's SEM Business program provided me with some of the best professors and classes that I have ever had. I was more engaged as we were discussing and studying the industry in which I wanted to take my career!

What was the most beneficial aspect of the program that potential students should know about?
Beyond the interactive learning in the classroom, having adjunct professors who are working in, and who have maintained connections in, the industry is extremely important/beneficial.

How did the program help your career?
The program helped my career move to NYC and land a great job within the industry. My professors taught an applicable curriculum and they reinforced how making connections is just as important as learning the information. This sparked a fire under me to reach out and ultimately helped my career move/change!

What was the most memorable experience in being part of the program?
Having executives and professionals in the industry speak to us (the students), as well as judge our presentations, was always a highlight of mine. Each experience with these professionals offered networking opportunities and a chance to gain insight on different jobs/aspects of the industry.

What are you doing now? Please include your current title and a brief description of your role.
I am currently a strategic planning analyst for TBS. Turner has the popular networks: TBS, TNT, CNN, HLN, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, etc. I specifically work with commercial inventory for the TBS network. I help our network reach its highest revenue potential by allocating inventory appropriately and working with the Advertising Sales teams.