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Jerry Cifarelli '77

A pioneer in signage technology, Jerry Cifarelli has spent more than 35 years in marketing and advertising sales. He co-founded ANC in 1997 and played a prominent role in the implementation of digital signage in sports and non-sports spectaculars.

ANC has long-term partnerships with many professional sports properties, including 15 MLB, 19 NBA, 11 NHL and four NFL teams. Recently ANC expanded into college and has formed relationships with more than 40 universities, such as Penn State, Brigham Young, University of Louisville and Iona College. Learn more about ANC

Consistently exploring growth opportunities, Jerry has spearheaded the development of strategic alliances with global Fortune 500 companies, started an ANC LED product line, and expanded the company into retail and transportation venues.

Prior to founding ANC, Jerry spent six years with Dorna USA, first as VP of marketing and later as president & chief executive officer, where he introduced rotational signage technology in the NBA and MLB.