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Nicholas Sipp ’16

Account Executive, ESPN Audio

Nicholas Sipp

What did Iona College’s SEM Business program and/or faculty mean to you?
Iona’s SEMB program and faculty meant the world to me. Iona has a very tight-knit alumni group who are looking to give back to Iona students. Professor Glenn Horine encourages students to reach out to him so he can give some advice on how to approach these alumni. Without Professor Horine and Iona’s SEMB program, I quite simply would not be at ESPN.

What was the most beneficial aspect of the program that potential students should know about?
Potential students should know that the program is geared specifically to help you become the next generation of leaders in sports and entertainment. The most beneficial aspect of the program is its size. In larger schools, there are so many students picking professor’s ears that they can often get overlooked. However at Iona, the program is designed to give you a much more personal experience. Put the legwork in and the results will show.

How did the program help your career?
The program landed me my dream job. Iona’s SEMB program and faculty directly led to my employment within sports and entertainment. In the spring of 2016, Iona’s SEMB program held an event, Careers in Sports, Entertainment & Media Dinner Series – Leadership. I was able to attend and got to network with ESPN employee Traug Keller. Traug put me in contact with Iona alumni Tim McCarthy who brought me in for a meeting and later ended up hiring me.

What was the most memorable experience in being part of the program?
The most memorable part about being a part of the program was seeing how many doors Iona College can open. It was truly amazing to see how many past and present leaders Iona has produced and how much they thrive off giving back to the community. An Iona alum will do everything in their power to help you as long as you help yourself.

What are you doing now?
I am currently an account executive at ESPN Audio. My job is to generate business for ESPN New York’s local entities through prospecting potential clients and insuring they advertise with ESPN. These entities include ESPNNewYork.Com, 98.7FM, and ESPN Deportes 1050.