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Career & Networking Events

Vincent Calluzzo, Ph.D., and Charles Cante Ph.D., architects of Hagan’s Advanced Certificate program, launched the Center for Sports, Entertainment, and Media business studies in 2008 and have supported the Dinner Series program since 2009.

Now entering its seventh year, the Careers in Sports, Entertainment, and Media Dinner Series helps bring context to the classroom experience and complements that learning with real-time career insights from industry executives. This is a private event for members of the Iona College community – students, faculty, administrators, and alumni – who are interested in the industry. Each event features accomplished industry professionals in a 75 to 90-minute town hall style format, where they will share:
  • personal reflections on their career path and influences;
  • insights on current industry challenges and its future; and
  • advice on career planning, advancement and opportunities.

In addition, there will be announcements on industry internship and trainee programs that are in development with assistance from the Gerri Ripp Center for Career Development. These opportunities range from traditional summer internships to paid trainee programs.

This series is as much about sharing industry insights as it is about finding a career that best suits your skills and desires in the challenging world of the sports and entertainment business.

You will be treated to a light dinner and the opportunity to mingle with the featured speakers, moderator, faculty, and administrators before and after the discussion.

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