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Chrissy Mitakakis Martins, PhD

Selected Publications

Martins, Chrissy M., and Beth Vallen, (2014), “The Impact of Holiday Eating Cues on Self-Regulatory Bolstering for Dieters and Non-Dieters,” Psychology and Health, 29 (9), 999-1013.

Martins, Chrissy M., Lauren Block, and Darren Dahl, (2014), “A Disregard for Calories During Sampling: Exploring the ‘Samples Don't Count’ Effect,” Health, 6 (3), 218-222.

Loubeau, Patricia, and Chrissy M. Martins, (2013), “An Exploratory Study Of Antismoking Warning Labels And The Millennial Consumer,” American Journal of Health Sciences, 4 (4), 169-172.

Valenzuela, Ana, Priya Raghubir, and Chrissy Mitakakis (2013), “Shelf Space Schemas: Myth or Reality?,” Journal of Business Research, 66(7), 881-888.

Carvalho, Sergio, Lauren Block, Subramanian Sivaramakrishnan, Rajesh V.  Manchanda, and Chrissy Mitakakis (2008), “Risk Perception and Risk Avoidance: The Role of Cultural Identity and Personal Relevance,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 25(4), 319-26.