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Student-Learning Outcomes

Dimension of Learning and Development

Student Learning Outcome 
“After a service-learning course, students should be equipped to...”
Overarching Goal "... develop the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to meaningfully and substantially contribute to addressing global, national, and local human and ecological needs."
Interpersonal "...interact effectively and respectfully with diverse classmates and community members toward a common goal that addresses a human/ecological need."
Intrapersonal "... apply reflective, analytical, and evaluative skills necessary to understand how their own cultural perspectives, past experiences, and individual identities impact how they understand human/ecological needs."
"... understand how actions or inactions can eliminate or perpetuate human/ecological needs."
"... see themselves as individuals with the potential to significantly and meaningfully contribute to reducing and eliminating human/ecological needs."
Intercultural  "... identify, articulate, and honor the significance that culture and context have as they relate to eliminating or reducing human/ecological needs."
Academic "... to use data (historical, qualitative, quantitative, or other) in order to explore and understand root causes of human/ecological need."
"... understand and apply academic skills and knowledge in ways that meaningfully address a human/ecological need."
Professional "... recognize how their own professional skills can contribute to addressing human/ecological needs."