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St John's University's Western Europe Semester Program – Limerick, Paris, Rome

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Fall or Spring Semester

This program is an incredible opportunity to spend the fall or spring semester studying in and exploring three European cities: Limerick, Paris and Rome. Students will spend three five-week periods in each of these cities taking six courses and earning a total of 18 credits.

A Student poses in front of Notre Dame.

The courses offered are the following:

  • Limerick (3 credits each)
    • Art 1095C: Monuments of World Architecture
    • PHI 2200C: Ethics
    • THE 2400: Christian Spirituality and Mysticism
  • Paris (3 credits each)
    • ART 1775A: Art & Architecture in France
    • ECO 1320: Economics of Poverty and Income Inequality
    • FRE 1010C: French Level 1
    • PHI 3000: Metaphysics
    • THE 2810: Religions of the World
  • Rome (3 credits each)
    • ART 1795A: The City of Rome (cross-listed with ITA 3923)
    • IB 3341: International Business
    • ITA 1010C: Italian Level 1
    • ITA 3923: The City of Rome (cross-listed with ART 1795A)
    • PHI 3000: Metaphysics
    • THE 3305: Moral Theology of the Marketplace
Three students in a boat on a river in Europe.


All three St. John's accommodations are based in centralized locations, ensuring you’re with within walking distance of major landmarks, cultural hubs and public transportation. In both Paris and Rome, St John's owns property where the students will stay. In Limerick, students will stay at Pery's Hotel, located in the historic Georgian neighborhood of Limerick City.

Exciting Excursions

Here are some of the trip highlights:

  • Limerick: St. Mary's Cathedral
  • Paris: Château de Versailles
  • Rome: Coliseum


Because not all meals are provided in this program, the board (or food part) of your bill will be discounted to reflect only the meals that are provided.

In addition to board, students are responsible for regular Iona College tuition and room charges. Finally, students are responsible for their airfare, travel/health insurance (around $250 per semester), visa fees (if applicable), and must have a working cell phone while abroad.

A GPA minimum of 2.75 is required to participate in this program.