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Amsterdam at night

Spring Break Program in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Spring Break in Amsterdam and Criminal Justice Course Credit!

Amsterdam at nightCome earn credit for your CRJ requirement in Amsterdam studying International criminal cases, security threat and transnational crime. Iona in Amsterdam is an intensive week study of international crime in Amsterdam. Some classes will take place in New Rochalle prior to and after the trip.

Class: CRJ 391HY – Special Topics - International Justice: An Examination of International Criminal Cases, Security Threat and Transnational Crime

Contact: Dr. Cathryn Lavery or the Office of Academic Civic and Global Engagement for more information.

Estimated Cost: See Faculty
Tentative Trip Schedule:

Date Activity
March 9 Travel to Amsterdam
March 10 Orientation, tour of neighborhood
March 11 Europol and Peace Police
March 12 International Criminal Court and Police HQ
March 13 International Tribunal for Yugoslavia
March 14 Gevangenpoort Medieval Prison Museum
March 15 Jewish Museum, Dutch Resistance Museum, Cannabis College, and Hash Museum
March 16 Tour of Royal Palace, National Monument, the Skinny Bridge, and the Albert Cuyp market.
March 17 Travel to New York