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Group of students in Rome

Alexandra Curumi


Alexandra Curumi in Rome
What was the scariest part about thinking of studying abroad? What were you worried about before you left?

The scariest part about studying abroad was that I knew no one going. I was worried I wouldn’t like anyone since it was such a small group, or worse, that no one would like me.
What was the best part about studying abroad?
The best part about studying abroad was the adventure. The experience, food, and people of Italy are so incredible. I felt like I was on vacation, while still being a part of an adventure.
Cups off coffee on a counter in RomeWhat would you say to someone who wasn’t sure about studying abroad?
Just do it! There are absolutely no regrets. Now is the time to do this, before you graduate and will barely have a chance to study somewhere for a month and enjoy it all at once. If I could go back just for a week, I would.

How do you think studying abroad changed you?
It has definitely changed me in the way I think about everything. This experience also really humbled me. I realized I was so thankful for everything that we do have in America. It also encouraged me to open up and really express myself and meet so so so many new people with such different personalities.

What is the most interesting thing you learned while studying abroad?
The most interesting thing I learned when I studied abroad was about the history of Rome, and how people used to live their lives there. Even today, their everyday life is very much different than an everyday life of an American.

What was your favorite meal?
My favorite meal was definitely prosciutto pizza.