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Megan Mitchell

Rome, 2016

What was the scariest part about thinking about study abroad? What were you worried about before you left?

I didn't know anyone else going on the trip, so I was worried that I'd have no one to wander the city with or go on trips with. However, everyone on the trip was wonderful and just as interested in seeing as much of Rome as possible, so I always had someone to adventure with. 
What was the best part about studying abroad?
All of the things we did as a group. Getting to see all of the beautiful sights in Rome with people who knew the city and its history was amazing. We took a cooking class, and got to visit smaller towns I wouldn't have known about on my own. 
What would you say to someone who wasn’t sure about studying abroad?
Other than, "just do it," I'd encourage you to research the place you want to go and pick one thing you want to see or eat or do to get really excited about. Then any time you start to second guess studying abroad, focus on that thing. Do whatever you have to do to get yourself on that plan because once you land, you won't regret it. 
If at all, how do you think studying abroad changed you?
I want to travel even more than I did before.