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College-Wide Questions

  • Does every incoming freshman have to complete the entire Iona College Core Curriculum inaugurated with the Fall 2016 semester?

    Yes. The Iona College Core Curriculum applies to the students of both the School of Business as well as the School of Arts & Science who enter as the Class of 2020. The curriculum provides the foundation for a shared Iona College experience that integrates excellent and dynamic academics with meaningful co-curricular engagements through the provision of a common learning experience that prepares students for ethical, engaged citizenship and lifelong learning through the lenses of diversity, sustainability, and a global perspective framed by the values of peace, justice, civic engagement and service.
  • Are transfer students required to complete the entire core curriculum?

    The answer depends on the type of transfer student. There are three basic categories:
    • Transfer students with an associate degree are required to complete the Columba Cornerstone* course as a requirement of graduation but they do not complete the core curriculum.
    • Non-freshmen transfer students with more than 24 credits but without an associate degree will have their credits evaluated and applied to the core curriculum as appropriate. They will complete the part of the core curriculum that is not covered by their transfer credits, including the Columba Cornerstone.*
    • Transfer freshmen, those students with 23 or fewer credits, are considered incoming freshmen and they complete the core curriculum. Their credits are evaluated for transfer and applied as appropriate to the core curriculum.
    *Columba Cornerstone sections for transfer categories 1 and 2 will be provided in the spring semester.
  • What is the class size of core curriculum courses?

    Core courses are limited to 25 students per course section.