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Cap and Gown Information

Distribution of Commencement Robes (Cap, Gown, Hood)

The wearing of the special commencement robes is an outward symbol that you've made it!

Caps are black w/ tassels and feature the year of graduation. Hoods are black with velvet trim. The trim color is based on the degree accomplished. The interior of the hood is maroon and gold for undergraduate students, and tartan plaid for graduate students.

Lengths of the hood vary by degree - Bachelors' hoods are 3'x2', and Masters' hoods are 3.5'x3'.

Widths of the hoods also vary by degree with the width of the Masters hood being 3' and the Bachelors being 2'. Robes are basic black and zip up front.

Your student account must be paid in full and free of holds. We strongly suggest you check with Student Financial Services to make sure your account is up to date. Contact the Student Financial Services Office at (914) 633-2497 if you need to check on the status of your account.

Graduates may keep their robes as they are non-returnable and the cost of the academic attire is included in the graduation fees. For any additional information about robes, call the Registrar at (914) 633-2497.