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Graduate Conferral Information

Dear Graduate Arts & Science Student,

Read ALL of the questions and answers noted below and act accordingly to ensure the timely and accurate conferral of the degree you have worked so hard to obtain.

1. What is the difference between a) Commencement, b) Conferral, and c) Graduation?
a) Commencement refers to the ceremony for which you obtain a cap and gown and process(walk) with the faculty and administration of the College.
b & c) Conferral/Graduation are the same thing and happen only when all necessary courses have been graded, and all additional degree criteria are complete and on record with the Deans office.

2. What steps can I take to make sure my degree requirements are completed correctly?
a) Students who use a program plan should review it to confirm degree completion, and/or
b) Meet with the Department Chair/Graduate Advisor. Review your actual transcript and courses against the requirements of the College catalog in place when you were admitted.
c) Request your Advisor notify the Deans office when you pass comprehensive or proficiency exams.

3. What if I took courses outside of my program, or at another College?
a) Program substitutions must be authorized by the Advisor, with notification sent to the Deans Office.
b) The Transfer Credit Authorization form must be filled out and signed by the Advisor and student, and
sent to the Deans office when the course is done and the transcript is sent.

4. What do I need to know about participation in the Commencement ceremony?
Commencement happens only once per year. Eligibility for participation requires that the student will be conferred in the calendar year of the ceremony; February, June, or August. All students must file a Degree Candidate Card(DCC) with the Registrar’s office to participate. The Registrar’s web page contains the link for the degree candidate card, as well as the deadlines for submission.

5. How can I ensure that my name is included in the Commencement booklet?
The only way to ensure that your name will appear is by following the instructions noted above in # 4. Students who do not register properly will not appear in the Commencement booklet.

6. When are degrees conferred and how do I get my diploma?
Degrees are conferred three times per year: February, June and August. Diplomas are produced by the Registrars office and are available about one month after conferral.

7. Which office actually confers my degree?
The Deans Office performs degree audits for students who file a Degree Candidate Card (DCC) and confers degrees when all degree criteria are complete.

8. What if I don't complete my coursework at the time I indicated on my degree candidate card?
When this happens, the student must fill out a new DCC and submit it directly to the Deans Office - only when the final grade(s) are posted on the transcript. Be sure to note your new anticipated conferral month.