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Research & Publications

General Accomplishments


  • Connolly, S., Quasi-Woode, D., Waldron, L., Eberly, C., Waters, K., Muller, E.M., Kingsbury, T.J. (2018). Calcineurin regulatory subunit binding domains differentially contribute to calcineurin signaling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genetics. 209, 801-813
  • Kang, Y. 2017.  Changes in the numbers of butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa L.) at Marshlands Conservancy in Rye, New York over a 12 year period.  In Vivo 38(3): 131-139.
  • Jacabacci, J, Guzzardi, M, and D’Aversa, TG.  2015.  Exogenous Folic Acid is not able to Inhibit the Effects of Methotrexate on the Folate Pathway. BIOS 86(3):125-133.
  • Vassallo CN, Pathak DT, Cao P, Zuckerman DM, Hoiczyk E, Wall D. Cell rejuvenation and social behaviors promoted by LPS exchange in myxobacteria. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2015)
  • Andruk, C.M., Schwope, C., and N.L. Fowler (2014). The joint effects of fire and herbivory on hardwood regeneration in central Texas woodlands. Forest Ecology & Management. 334, 193-200.
  • Fawaz Abdulkarim (’14), Anthony Ascione (‘14), Michael Foti (’14) and Eric Muller.  Characterization and Phenotypic Analysis of a Yeast Protein Required for Calcium Signaling and Normal Morphology during the Mating Response of S. cerevisiae.  Beta Beta Beta NE-1 District Convention, Dominican College, Orangeburg, NY.  April 27, 2013.
  • Bourdeau, Kayla (’13), Pagano, Mark (’14); Veilleux, Courtney (’14); and D'Aversa, Teresa.  The Effects of Interferon-beta on Oxidative Stress in Neurons.  Beta Beta Beta NE-1 District Convention, Dominican College, Orangeburg, NY.  April 27, 2013.
  • Vincent Cefola (’13), Jordan Gilruth (’13), and Yourha Kang.  Using RFLP Analysis on PCR products of hypervariable DNA to look for genetic variability among populations of Asclepias tuberosa in the United States.   Beta Beta Beta NE-1 District Convention, Dominican College, Orangeburg, NY.  April 27, 2013.
  • Marcia Correa (’13) and Eric Muller.  Determination of the Phosphorylation Sites on the Formin Bni1p During the Mating Response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Beta Beta Beta NE-1 District Convention, Dominican College, Orangeburg, NY.  April 27, 2013.
  • Joseph Stabile, Daniel Lipus (’12), Lorraine Maceda, Michele Maltz (’04), Nirmal Roy and Isaac WirginAssessment of Genetic Variation in Populations of Phragmites australis along the Hudson River using Microsatellite DNA Markers. 2013 Hudson River Science Symposium, SUNY New Paltz, April 24, 2013.
  • Veilleux, Courtney (’14) and D’Aversa, Teresa.  The Effects of Dopamine and Lithium Chloride on Zebrafish Development.  Beta Beta Beta NE-1 District Convention, Dominican College, Orangeburg, NY.  April 27, 2013.
Grants Applied:
  • D'Aversa, TG and Costa C.  Determining the role of the low density lipoprotein receptor related protein (LRP)-1 in Multiple Sclerosis.  Pilot Project Grant from The National MS Society, New York, NY. July 1, 2012.
  • D'Aversa, TG and Costa C.  Neurotoxicity induced by inhaled particulates from burning substances.  Pilot Project Grant from The Generoso Pope Foundation, Tuckahoe, NY. July 3, 2012.
  • D'Aversa, TG and Costa C.  Applied for an equipment grant from the Pittsburg Conference Memorial National Grants Program. October 1, 2012.
  • Yourha Kang. Population genetics of Asclepias tuberosa, the butterflyweed, a geographical and temporal study.  Committee for Research and Exploration Grant Application, National Geographic Society. Pre-application submitted July 2012. 
Published articles:
  • D’Aversa, TG, Eugenin, EA, Lopez, L, and Berman, JW. 2013.  Myelin basic protein induces inflammatory mediators from primary human endothelial cells and blood-brain barrier disruption: implications for the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis.  Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology 39(3) 270-283.
Chapter in an edited volume
  • Lipus D (’12), Wirgin I, and Stabile. J. Assessment of temporal and geographic population structuring of Phragmites australis along the Hudson River using microsatellite DNA markers.  Ed. David Yozzo.  In Final Report to the Tibor T. Polgar Fellowship Program. 2013.
  • D'Aversa, TG and Costa, CZ. 2013.  Neurotoxic and inflammatory mediators elicited by astrocytes and microglia in response to myelin basic protein (MBP), in Horizons in Neuroscience Research Volume 12.   Nova Science Publishers, NY. In Press
Invited speaker:
  • Eric Muller.  Lectures in Modern Biology.   Learning in Retirement at Iona College. Spring 2013.
Other Accomplishments:
  • Teresa D’Aversa: Textbook reviewer: Martini/Nath/Bartholomew Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology, reviewed the 9th edition for planning for the 10th edition
Other Student Accomplishments
  • Marcia Correa (’13) was selected to be the valedictorian of her graduating class this year. 


Dr. D’Aversa
Dr. D’Aversa is currently in the process of establishing a BS in Forensic Science major on campus. Dr. D’Aversa has been in contact with both the Dean of the Graduate School and the Director of the MS Forensic Science Program at John Jay College to establish an articulation between our two schools for Iona students that graduate with a BS in Forensic Science to enter the John Jay MS program
Yourha Kang
Along with the Political Science and Religious Studies Departments, the Environmental Studies major was launched in Fall 2012.  The major was designed by Yourha Kang, Tricia Mulligan, and Elena Procario-Foley with input from many different faculty members from various departments.  The Environmental Science minor was approved in Spring 2013. 
Eric Muller
Dr. Muller is continuing his collaboration with Dr. Chai-Ling Tsai of the Computer Science Department, where undergraduate and graduate students are working to produce software investigating the different shapes of biological systems