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Adjunct Faculty

Silmilly Toribio

Silmilly ToribioCollege Laboratory Technician & Chemical Hygiene Officer
Adjunct Professor

Phone: (914) 633-2537
BS, MA The City College of the City University of New York, 2006

Prior to coming to Iona, Prof. Toribio was teaching a diverse number course in biology and chemistry. Her research training is in the area of biochemistry and focused on studying the interactions of fatty acid binding proteins with omega-3 fatty acids. 
As the Chemical Hygiene Officer for Iona College, Prof. Toribio manages laboratory safety for all science departments. As the College Laboratory Technician, she coordinates and prepares all the introductory level science laboratories, supervises the laboratory assistants, and maintains the chemical inventory of the school.
At Iona, Prof. Toribio teaches Scientific and Technology Literacy (STL), Columba Cornerstone and Chemical Safety. She developed a new course called Chemistry of Emotions. Emotional systems are a collection of conscious experiences categorized by states of mind, external and internal reactions, and expressions. The course explores the chemical messengers that are linked to these emotional systems.