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Adjunct Faculty

Christina D. Zeoli-Costa, PhD

Chemical Hygiene Officer
College Laboratory Technician
Adjunct Professor

1996- BS, CUNY Hunter College, NY, NY
1996-2001- PhD, New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY
2001-2003- Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY

Office:  Cornelia 013
Phone:  (914) 633-2537
Fax:  (914) 633-2240

Dr. Christina Costa received her PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from New York Medical College. Her graduate work focused on the development of immunotherapeutic vaccines for the treatment of prostate cancer. Her postdoctoral research focused on the analysis of the role of topoisomerase in Hepatitis B virus infections. Dr. Costa’s ongoing research interests are in the mechanisms of immune responses in prostate cancer and multiple sclerosis.

As the Chemical Hygiene Officer for Iona College, Dr. Costa manages laboratory safety for all science departments. She also coordinates and preps introductory level labs, supervises student workers, and maintains the chemical inventory as the College Laboratory Technician.

At Iona, Dr. Costa teaches Scientific and Technology Literacy (STL), and Chemical Safety, and general biology. Dr. Costa’s work in the area of microbiology education includes development of new laboratory experiences for STL 125: Human Disease.  She is currently writing a textbook for this non-major microbiology course.

Research and Publications

Zeoli, Christina D., Maitland, M., Rose, H., Bloom, B., Mittelman, A. and Geliebter, J. (2001), Expression of Prostate Specific Molecules in Bacille Calmette-Guerin: An Immunotherapeutic Approach to Prostate Cancer. The Prostate Journal, 3: 92–97. doi: 10.1046/j.1525-1411.2001.32002.

D’Aversa, Teresa D., Zeoli Costa, Christina D. Neurotoxic and Inflammatory Mediators Elicited by Astrocytes and Microglia in Response to Myelin Basic Protein (MBP), in Horizons in Neuroscience Research, Volume 12. Andres Costa and Eugenio Villalba, ed.  Nova Publishers: 2013.