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Kathleen E. Kristian, Ph.D.

Dr. Kathleen Kristian received her Ph.D. in Organometallic Chemistry from Columbia University and performed postdoctoral research in the field of inorganic reaction mechanisms. At Iona, she teaches general chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, instrumental analysis and chemical safety.

Dr. Kristian’s research interests fall broadly in the areas of organometallic/inorganic reaction mechanisms, with a specific interest in the synthesis and reactivity of transition metal complexes of nitrogen oxides. This highly interdisciplinary area incorporates ideas and methods from inorganic and organic synthesis, chemical kinetics, catalysis, photochemistry and instrumental methods. In the field of organometallic chemistry, Dr. Kristian is investigating the synthesis of new transition metal complexes of N-heterocyclic carbene ligands.

In addition to inorganic chemistry research, Dr. Kristian is active in the field of chemical education. Her work in this area includes development of new laboratory experiences for chemistry students, the use of instructional technology to enhance collaboration on coursework, and strategies for teaching scientific writing to undergraduates.

Research & Publications: